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In this article we want to give visibility to one of the departments that has experienced the greatest boom in recent years within SOLMAD: our custom workshop.

And it is that what started as a couple of work tables to take care of special requests for cutting strips, has become a full-fledged workshop with all the necessary elements to be able to respond to the multiple requests that come to us every day. clients.

Cutting strips, profiles and LED diffusers, adaptation of long runs, neon work, inclusion of light sources and even mounting of special lights flood the work tables of our colleagues on a daily basis. In this way, the small workshop department has become one of the main arteries of SOLMAD, offering the company an excellent quality service given the high qualification of its workers.

Works with LED strips

SOLMAD offers its customers the possibility of having a strip cutting service BLUE LED tailor-made for several years.

There are many installations and applications in which we have to adapt the length of our LED strip, which is why a tailor-made cutting service is becoming more and more necessary in each lighting project.

You might think that cutting LED strip lights is a very simple task, but many people have made the mistake of not following the correct procedure, resulting in permanent damage to the board.

It is necessary to execute them carefully and carefully, calculating and cutting each section according to the specifications of the work.

Although the use of profiles is not compulsory, it is strongly recommended to install the LED strips in this type of room, and never to place them directly on wood or plaster.

The union of the different sections can be managed by rigid connectors or connection cables. Rigid ones are more secure and allow joints to generate a straight line, right angle or even slightly more complex T-shaped installations.

With LED strips, you can customize their length, by cutting or fixing, to meet the requirements of your installation.

Profiles and diffusers

At the same time as we cut the LED strips, the handling and work on the profiles and the diffusers is carried out to guarantee a complete tailor-made work in the installations of our customers.

These are suitable for the different sections of the project with straight cuts, miter cuts, in different sizes… we can even offer the possibility of supplying diffusers in rolls so that you can cut to your liking in the installation itself and thus avoid dark or shaded areas of the various joints.

Assembly of light fixtures

Another type of custom work is that carried out with our structures for luminaires LEDCARE, expandable to any other type of spotlights, linear bells or suspended or surface luminaires. Within these structures, we assemble the PCB boards by soldering, which will be the light source of each product, and we install the control driver specific to each project: DALI, BLE, 0-1/10V, etc… adding sensor systems to presence or light control if necessary.

In addition, for our entire range of products LEDNATURE We assemble the parts one by one, composing the different models both in their wooden or cardboard structure, and in all the electrification part. Offering a wide range of possibilities for the customer to choose from: wood tint, color, type of luminaire, socket, rosette, etc… We are thus able to personalize the final result of each piece.



Our custom fit department receives an order with product specifications.


This goes to the workshop as a work order.

To cut

Our professionals take care of configuring the custom cut and preparing the product for shipping.


Once completed, the product is sent to the customer at the address provided through the sending distribution company.

At SOLMAD, our team of professionals and our state-of-the-art machinery allow us to provide solutions for the various products you may need.

Do you have special needs? Do you need a specific project? Do not hesitate to contact us. We will study your case and try to provide you with the best possible solution.

Author: Noelia Mateos, Marketing and Product Manager, Solmad.

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