Spain| A delegation from the Frente POLISARIO takes part in the work of the XXVI Congress of the Socialist International

Madrid (Spain), November 25, 2022 (SPS)- The XXVI Congress of the Socialist International, an organization that brings together 132 political parties and organizations from all continents, was inaugurated today in Madrid -Spain- with the participation of an important delegation from the Frente POLISARIO, headed Oubbi BashirAmbassador for Europe and the European Union, accompanied by Abdulah Arabi, representative of Spain, and Khadiyetu El Mohtarrepresentative of Euskadi.

After the opening with welcome speeches by Pedro Sánchez, President of the Spanish Government and General Secretary of the Spanish Workers’ Party -PSOE-; Yorgos Papandreou, outgoing President of the Socialist International, and Luis Ayala, Secretary General organisationthe congress opened internal debates grouped into five areas: peace and democracy, equality between men and women, climate change, a fair and inclusive economy and the strengthening of labor and digital rights.

The first day of work titled Pedro Sánchez, the only candidate, as the new and first Spanish President of the Socialist International. Delegates also voted in favor of African Benedicta Lasi as secretary general of the organization, succeeding Chilean Luis Ayala.

Aware of the major challenges facing the world, especially the African continent, the Ghanaian, who is making her debut as the first African woman in office, appealed to the parties of the Socialist International to offer leadership for the peace and democracy.

Although relations between the Frente POLISARIO and the PSOE have been suspended since the Moroccan news agency published the illegal position of Pedro Sánchez in Western Sahara and the disruption of the UN-led decolonization process, the sole and legitimate representative of the Saharawi people described in the declarations European press that attendance at the XXVI Congress is “usual“and responds to the status of consultative member in an International which houses 132.

The person who wanted to get closer is the Secretary for International Policy, Hana Jalloul Muro, expressing “full respect” to the Frente POLISARIO and defining relations as “correct”. Jalloul answered the question posed by Audience that “the relationship is correct, as a member of the SI. We have already seen the POLISARIO at the SI Council held in Geneva in July. They have the right to attend, as an advisory member. So all respect. They will be present normally. They are full members.”

Beyond relations with the PSOE, another member of the SI, the Saharawi delegation held many meetings with participating parties and representatives of different countries.

Previously, the National Union of Sahrawi Women participated actively, with consultative status, in the XXII Congress of the SI of Women, from 22 to 23 November, where the Dominican Janet Camilo was elected new president of the organization and they renewed the various vice-presidencies.

The Secretary General of the UNMS, Chaba Seini, reviewed the role played by Sahrawi women in the struggle for full national liberation and the consolidation of the Sahrawi Republic.

During her speech at the closing session, the Saharawi official denounced the reality experienced by the Saharawi people, especially women, in the areas occupied by the Moroccan region.

The role of new generations and young people in the face of current challenges was addressed in the “Act of the Presidium of the International Union of Socialist Youth -IUSY- with the participation of Sahrawi youth. The International Union of Socialist Youth has the General Union of Youth of Saguía el Hamra and Río de Oro -UJSARIO- as a full member and the Union of Students of Saguía El-Hamra and Río de Oro (UESARIO) as an observer member.

Before arriving in Madrid, a Saharawi delegation also participated intensively in the work of the Africa Committee of the Socialist International to adopt a resolution and prepare a declaration to present it to the Congress. The African meeting, held in Dakar on October 28-29, 2022, also heard reports from member parties and organizations on the national situation in their respective countries.


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