Spanish ports, portrayed in a unique photography competition

Coinciding with the celebration of World Maritime Day, the State Coordinator of Maritime Workers awarded the XII #SomosPuerto Photography Contest, which he organizes every year.

A total of 150 works were received, eligible for prizes in the three established categories: the usual Docking and Port Works, and a third and new one called Collaborative Works, with two prizes per category.

A competition with 150 photographs

In the Securement category, the first prize goes to Manuel Aguado, versatile docker at the port of Algeciraswith the image titled “Very tight”, where we see him tightening a tensioner himself so that the container does not move during crossings.

As he says, “It was extremely cold and very foggy, but we carried out our work with great professionalism and no matter what time or weather we are in port 24 hours a day, 365 days” . The image was captured by a colleague, with whom he assures that he will share the joy of this award.

First prize in the Lashing category

In the Port Works category, the first prize went to Marcos Pons, from the Port of Barcelona, ​​with the image entitled “Comenzamos”, a snapshot taken on board a tugboat that accompanies the person presiding over the photograph during a maneuver docking with bright sunshine.

First prize in the Port Works category

With this award he wanted “to thank all my colleagues for the welcome and the warm welcome I received during my stay with tugboats in Barcelona and, above all, to dedicate this award to my friend Mariano F. He gave me always said that the photos that they were good and that he had to submit them in a photo contest and as usual he was right, ”he wrote.

Likewise, he decided that “since Mariano F. is not among us, this prize, with all my love, will go to his grandson”.

Regarding the new category, Collaborative Works, the first prize went to Sergio Pérez, stevedore at the port of Las Palmas, for his black and white photograph entitled “Without you I cannot”, in which an operation of Il was getting cold on a Dutch pelagic fishing boat, where colleagues are untying the strips of fabric from the fish boxes so that they can then be lifted by the crane.

Sergio Pérez comments that the temperature there is minus 20 degrees centigrade and that the companions were immersed in their task, oblivious to the fact that he, who was on relief, had taken the photo. This is the fourth time he has taken part in the competition and he comments that he likes to take advantage of his moments of rest to capture images of port life which he finds interesting because of what they represent and their brilliance. .

second prizes

José Antonio Iranzo, stevedore foreman at the port of Valencia, won second prize in this category for the image he titled “Bay de luna” (bay of the moon). The image was captured around 9:00 p.m.; He comments that he always carries a small camera with him and that when he saw his colleague at the place he considered perfect, he did not hesitate: “I took a picture of it. “The port offers us many impressive landscapes and as soon as I can I take pictures.” This time he was on duty and he took advantage of the moment when he saw all the elements together: his fellow longshoreman at work and the full moon above him.

Second prize in the Estib category

The image entitled “Dawn in the tugboat” presented by Andrés Mauricio Rojas, won second prize for Port Works. He works in trailers in the port of Barcelona and comments that the beautiful sunsets and sunrises are often a reward for the work they do, and he wanted to reflect this with a photo where two tugs are working and the sun is rising. .

Second prize in the Port Works category
Second prize in the Port Works category

“As we have to work guards around the clock, we like to capture, when we can, these kinds of images in the port environment and share them,” he says. This is his first time participating in the contest and he is grateful to be able to offer this photo of his port.

José Antonio Menéndez, stevedore of the port of Avilés, turned out to be the second classified in the category of collaborative work with the photograph that he titled “Teamwork”, where we see a stevedoring activity little known ; in this case, partners place and grab reels. He comments that he was observing the operation and it seemed like a good image to photograph. “It’s a task that requires hard work and coordination, because better things happen together,” he says.

Second Prize in the Collaborative Works category
Second Prize in the Collaborative Works category

The jury, made up of representatives of CEEP and CETP, “was satisfied with the work presented, in which they valued aspects such as the quality of the image, the composition captured and the sample of the work carried out in the ports ” , they say.

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