Spit of labor inspectors in Díaz in the act of the SMI to announce the strike in front of his silence and his refusal to negotiate

There is no going back. The silence, the lack of response and the fact that Yolanda Díaz and María Jesús Montero -nor any of its representatives in the Ministries of Labor and Finance- did not respond to their demands forced the Treasury inspectors to maintain the first of the three-day strike, convened next Wednesday, and even plans to harden its position with more strikes and concentrations. For this reason, and given the “absolute absence of dialogue”, the inspectors decided today to make their demands visible by attending the press conference during which the Minister of Labor presented the report of expertise on the increase in the interprofessional minimum wage (SMI) . Carrying whistles and shouting phrases such as “let’s strike”; “Stop lying” or “Why don’t you want to negotiate” let Díaz know their displeasure and the reasons why they decided to call a strike.


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