Start of work for the creation of a new cycle path on Carrer Jaume I in Alaquàs, next to the CEIP Ciutat de Cremona

Today, November 2, work has begun to continue improving, modernizing and equipping the industrial areas of Mollons and Bovalar de Alaquàs with infrastructure and services. The actions have an investment of approximately 475,000 euros subsidized by the Valencian Institute for Business Competitiveness (IVACE).

As for the industrial zone of Bovalar, and for a total amount of 304,201.62 euros, the improvement of mobility is provided for by the execution of a cycle path along Jaime I street, which will mean the redevelopment of the entrance to the municipal sports center of Bovalar . The action will make it possible to connect to the network of cycle paths in the residential area, remaining close to a future cycle-pedestrian bridge between the industrial areas of El Bovalar and Els Mollons, above the CV-410. (It is important to pay attention to no parking signs during the working day).

In addition, infrastructure improvement is envisaged with the establishment of new facilities such as fiber optics which improves, modernizes and optimizes business telecommunications. It is also a priority to improve the conditions of safety, accessibility in the polygon and its circulatory functioning, with improvements to the road network, by resurfacing in different areas, improving road traffic conditions, priority to investments in the most degraded areas, and for both of a greater impact on the number of businesses.

The conditioning of the access of the population to the industrial zone and in many cases to their jobs in a bio-healthy and ecologically sustainable way is also envisaged, implementing one of the measures included in the urban mobility plan durable recently approved, completing the bike lane in this polygon backbone.

In addition to the works, the improvement of the urban drainage system through the execution of drainage channels connected to the municipal network and the execution of tree-lined pits that act as a sustainable urban drainage system, such as a pit of infiltration, which reduces the amount of surface runoff that crosses Jaime I Street towards the residential area of ​​the municipality.

Road signage will also be improved, both in areas where resurfacing is in progress and in conflicting areas or intersections that require renewing or strengthening horizontal and vertical signage so as to positively influence pedestrian safety and road traffic. Without forgetting the provision of fire services and with it fire safety in the area, complementing the existing network of fire hydrants, started last year.

With regard to the els Mollons industrial area and with an investment of 171,034.07 euros, the works will focus on improving urban mobility by extending a cycle path carried out in 2021, which, along the central axis of the industrial zone, will allow access to the different cross streets from north to south, and thus to the different industries, linking this last action to the new development of the industrial land of sector VI, and with the future development of the industrial land of sector VII.

In addition, work will be carried out to improve public access to the estate by completing the bike lane in this backbone of the estate, safety with the installation and improvement of road signs, both for the bike lane , only for conflicting areas or crossroads which make The renewal or reinforcement of horizontal and vertical signage is necessary in order to positively influence the safety of pedestrians and road traffic. In addition to the provision of fire services and with this fire safety in the area, supplementing the existing network of fire hydrants, began last year.

The deadline for completion of the work will be two months.

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