Start of work on a new park in Orriols and an urban vegetable garden project


The town hall will build a new garden in the Orriols district, rue Portaceli, and will expand the existing district park to provide the district with urban orchards.

The Ministry of Urban Ecology has just launched a call for tenders for a small reform of the Orriols Park worth 47,000 euros and, in addition, agreed in a meeting of the Deputy Mayor and councilor of the region, Sergi Campillo, with representatives of the neighborhood, the project that will provide the neighborhood with urban gardens.

The improvement of the Parc de Orriols was one of the demands of the inhabitants of this neighborhood of the Rascanya district, “after the passage of the years had caused shortcomings in the facilities of this important neighborhood garden”, explained the deputy to Mayor Sergi Campillo.

The Autonomous Municipal Organization of Parks, Gardens and Urban Biodiversity, which depends on the area of ​​Urban Ecology, has approved the call for tenders for this remodeling, which is the subject of a call for tenders for an amount total with taxes of 47,000 euros.

“This is a reform that aims to act on four specific issues. On the one hand, the paved pavement of the park adjoining the children’s area, a 125 m2, which was in poor condition, will be restored. on the other hand, the elimination of 131 pits was also planned, because it did not make much sense that some trees that are inside a garden were blocked by pits; in fact, some were already broken by tree roots. of the area reserved for children is completed and, finally, the wooden pergola around the swimming pool is restored”, detailed Campillo.


During the meeting, the deputy mayor explained that “a report” of the demands of the district was made before the various entities were convened, “because we promised to carry out a series of actions to improve the gardening in the neighborhood and we can say that they have done all this work, fulfilling the commitment acquired with the entities”.

The Councilor for Urban Ecology also announced during the meeting that after obtaining the transfer of land by the Ministry of Education, the City Council will begin the drafting of the urban orchard project on land between Clara Campoamor streets and Alfahuir Avenue with Peníscola Street, “some urban orchards very much in demand by the neighborhood organizations of the Orriols”, he recalled.

They were also informed of the progress of the project to create a new garden on Calle Portaceli, “very close to future urban gardens”, said Sergi Campillo. As the deputy mayor explained, “today we showed you the first plans of what will be this very important future garden for the district”.

“This is a work that will be the subject of a call for tenders for 259,541.98 euros and has an area of ​​1,555 m2, which tells us about the importance of this new landscaped area. that the neighborhood will have and that it has been one of the winning proposals for participatory budgets”.


Although this was not the subject of the meeting, both the city council and the associations explained to Europa Press that the issue of coexistence in the neighborhood had been discussed. Campillo stressed that “thanks to these projects, the urban landscape is improved and the quality of life of the inhabitants is increased” while preventing the streets from becoming “unhealthy areas”.

From Orriols Convive they pointed out that the situation of coexistence in the neighborhood “has improved” and from Orriols en Lucha they explained that one of the ideas that they have transferred to the town hall are the dark spaces that exist in many streets. When trees coincide with light sources, dark or low visibility spaces are generated which they proposed to eliminate to “avoid violence and insecurity”.

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