Start of works for a new park on a plot of 44,000 square meters in La Rosaleda

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The development and renaturation work on the plot will begin at the beginning of next fall, once the contract has been put out to tender.

The new space will be located next to the Chana exit on the GR30. Photo: Alex Camara

the Grenada Town Hall began the conditioning and renaturation works of the SG-EL-14 plot located in the Barrio de la Rosaleda, which will allow the creation of an urban forest in the district of Ronda with an approximate extension of eleven football pitches.

The project, which was presented by the mayor of GrenadeFrancisco Cuenca, is the largest extension of all those foreseen in the plan’Pomegranate Breathe‘, which envisions the provision of green space in five different areas of the city with the intention of ‘creating a large green corridor in long abandoned and degraded areas and which will improve the quality of life for neighbours’.

“This is a complex project, but one that will allow us to make the whole city more user-friendly and sustainable, by adding more trees, creating an authentic edge forest and going even further in our commitment to improving air quality. and the environment”, explained the mayor during his visit to the region accompanied by municipal councilors Miguel Ángel Fernández Madrid, Raquel Ruz and Nuria Gutiérrez, as well as municipal technicians and residents of Rosaleda.

The City Council has already started the drafting of the project, so that it can be tendered around the summer and start work in early autumn 2023. In fact, the work of preparing the plot and decontaminating the land has already been the area, where there was an old junkyard. Even, Cuenca has advanced, the possibility of creating a vegetable screen that reduces noise from vehicles that pass daily on the highway and also combats pollution is being studied.

The mayor made the project known to the neighbours. Photo: Alex Camara

The conditioning of the plot consists of the creation of a green table with more than 27,000 square meters of landscaped space, 1,500 square meters of seasonal grassland and 26,000 square meters of trees, always taking into account the vegetation of the area and that the transfer of trees will be carried out by Plant-for-the-Planet, which will not imply an additional cost for the project.

In parallel, he pointed out, work has also been carried out to “activate the environment in an urbanistic way”, where the houses of some newly built buildings have already been received and it is expected that it will be soon possible to do the same with the rest to make them available to all Grenadians. .

The intervention, as the mayor pointed out, has an approximate budget of 1,580,000 euros financed between the Granada City Council and the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge of the Spanish Government -by through European funds- and falls within the five actions of the project ‘Grenada breathes’, through which almost 100,000 square meters of urban areas of the capital will be transformed into green spaces; specifically La Azulejera to the north, the La Chana Flood Park and two outlying green spaces in Albayda. The total investment of the five “Granada Respira” projects amounts to nearly five million euros.

The new urban forest of Ronda, as the mayor pointed out, “connects with Parque de las Alquerías, with Federico García Lorca Park and with Tico Medina Park, creating a large green corridor throughout this area that will allow these spaces to be renaturalized and invest in the future of a more sustainable city”.

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