Supermarket chain jobs: requirements and how to apply

The National and International Production and Marketing Company Preserve is looking for a job to cover a variety of administrative, managerial and sales positions. The offers include jobs of hybrid and face-to-face mode, for intermediate and advanced levels.

currently there 43 vacancies available on the LinkedIn profile of the supermarket and hypermarket chain, some with multiple requests given that there is a strong interest in working in a company. leader in the Argentinian marketwith subsidiaries in Chile, Uruguay, Brazil, Europe, China (Shanghai) and Dubai.

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Jobs in Coto: who can apply

As indicated in his LinkedIn account, Coto is a company of permanent national and international expansion. For this reason, the company generally publishes different job offers on a recurring basis and for various profiles.

In this case, the search for academic, graduate and professional business administration, marketing and/or related careers. Although it varies for each position, in general candidates should have verifiable experience in business management and/or administrative positions.

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Position offered: Sales manager for appliances, textiles, bazaar and home

Coto offers a position face-to-face, full-time, as a sales manager for household appliances, textiles, bazaar and home. Job responsibilities include:

To fill this position, the company look for:

  • Professionals with in-depth knowledge and experience of retail and/or consumer goods and proficient in computer tools.

  • Experience in leading work teams, inventory management, losses of household appliances, textiles, bazaar and home lines.

  • People with a strong business profile and customer orientation.

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Position: Branch manager for new hypermarkets

Another possibility offered by the company is the position of branch manager for new hypermarkets. For this case, the team is looking for:

  • Professionals with proven experience in managing business units, preferably developed in retail businesses.

  • Completed university and/or higher bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing and/or related careers.

  • People capable of leading a business unit, with management capability. Where its main objective is the customer and provides the best shopping experience, taking care of the quality of the products.

  • People with a strong vocation for service, constantly making decisions.

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Job title: Fruit and vegetable buyer

Another job on the list is the position of Fruit and Vegetable Buyer, which has a hybrid mode and full time. The requirements to apply for this position are as follows:

  • Graduates with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, marketing, marketing or a related field

  • negotiation experience

  • Knowledge of the food sector (fruits and vegetables sought after)

  • Dynamic profile with negotiation and management experience

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Coto: how to apply for jobs

Signing up for one of these jobs is simple and This is done in simple steps:

  • First you must have a own LinkedIn account.

  • Once this step has been completed, you must enter the network and find Coto’s profile.

  • Then you need to press the “jobs” button to display the options.

  • Click on the one you like and select “just ask”.

  • there you can Enter your information to apply.


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