Ten months of waiting and the works are not progressing in Salinas

The layout of Fourth Avenue in Chipipe, Salinas (Santa Elena), is stagnating. The work, as published by EXPRESO, began earlier this year and has not been completed to date. There are mounds of beaten earth everywhere, open sewers, rocks in the middle of the road… From then on, the inhabitants fear that winter will come and then the scenario will become catastrophic.

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According to the projection that the Municipality had, the works should have been completed between August and September of this year, but this was not the case.

“If they weren’t going to deliver the work on the scheduled date, it would have been better to do nothing. It’s been ten months and the work is unfinished. Sometimes workers come, work for a week and then disappear for a long time. What kind of job is this? “, said resident Ernesto González, who considers that the work was not planned, because he realized that sometimes tubes are placed and then they are removed to put others.

“That’s why they are not moving forward and the street is in a terrible state. If the rains come, it will be a quagmire, it will be impossible to travel,” he said.

Those of us with businesses in the area suffered losses in the previous season because no one wanted to cross the bad streets. We don’t want to go through the same thing again.

Sergio Gomez,
Resident of Chipipe

The artery that intervened it is located two blocks from the boardwalk and it is barely 900 meters long. Because this is a residential area that houses a series of buildings, the owners of the apartments collected signatures to deliver to the Salinas Mayor’s office, in an effort to expedite the work.

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“In other parts of the township, they do quick work, but here everything is delayed. They punished us with this work even though we have businesses that bring the industry to life and serve tourists. During the last high season (January-April) it went badly for us because the works were in full execution. The way things are going (next year), it will be the same or worse,” said Sergio Gómez, another of the residents.

“When they announced the repair the year before, we were all happy; but now we are outraged by what is happening. We doubt the work will be completed this year. I hope I’m wrong,” said Marcelo Bone, another of those affected.

If people pay their taxes, they have the right to live well. It is very difficult to pass through here. It’s time for the fix to be done. It’s been too long.

Louis Bajana,

EXPRESO made several reports about the poor condition of the road. Last April, he published a note to citizen annoyance, in which residents were already complaining about the slowness of the work. At that time, the Cabildo argued that work would be accelerated once the beach season was over.

Eduardo Hesney, spokesperson for the municipality, indicated that the work is being carried out in collaboration with the drinking water and sanitation company (Aguapen). He acknowledged that work is delayed, but assured that Fourth Avenue will be ready before the end of the year.

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The work has become complex because the artery has problems with the water table. This means that the water comes out in the excavations that are carried out. For this reason, an integral work had to be carried out. We understand the inconveniences, but we ask for understanding because what we are doing is something well done,” he said.

What Hesney claimed was corroborated by Vinicio Yagual Bedoya, who is leading the work on Aguapen’s behalf. The technician specifies that he started by changing the drinking water pipes which were made of fiber cement for PVC. Next, all the sanitary sewer lines were installed, followed by the storm sewer lines.


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“We had to do work avoiding the water table. Fortunately, we are already in the last stage, which is the placement of the cash registers of the sanitary sewers, and as far as the works of Aguapen are concerned, they will be ready”, detailed Yagual.

But the public is skeptical. “They may be telling the truth, but we see so many delays, so much chaos on the roads, that we don’t know what to think anymore. Salinas is abandoned, that’s clear,” lamented Lourdes Peñafiel, from Guayaquil, who lives in the spa resort.

And the insecurity adds to the complaint about the state of the artery. “Every day they fly. I come from Guayaquil to find peace, but I can’t find it. He was also lost.”


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