The 10 best works of Penélope Cruz outside Spain

Besides being one of the best actresses in the history of Spanish cinema, as well as one of its most radiant superstars, Penélope Cruz She has long been an admired and respected performer in the rest of the world. Few international markets have resisted the brutal talent of one of these artists and presences capable of justifying the price of a ticket on their own.

The most international Penélope Cruz: her best works outside Spain

1 ‘Reborn’

Despite the fact that the film as a whole is (much) closer to failure than artistic victory, ‘Reborn’ has one element in its favor that justifies its viewing and automatically raises its level: Penelope Cruz. Never mind that the other factors in Sergio Castellitto’s proposal aren’t up to the task, It is a major interpretation in which each nuance and minimum gesture acquires the dimensions of a discovery. Immeasurable.

Reborn in eCartelera

of them ‘new’

Back in 2009, “Nine” was one of the big contenders to become one of the most acclaimed films of the year. Until its creation. Neither Rob Marshall, director of the latest Best Picture Oscar-winning musical (“Chicago”), nor his essence of homage to that masterpiece called “Fellini, Eight and a Half,” nor his star-studded cast n managed to save from burning a film that failed especially when it came to bringing nerve, sensuality, life, fire to a story that demanded it. Except in these scenes where a plethoric Penélope Cruz appears.

She is the most memorable element, infinitely different from the rest, of ‘Nine’. And if in doubt, yes, his interpretation is already a enough arguments to justify the existence and viewing of the film.

New in eCartelera

3 ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’
'Vicky Cristina Barcelona'

While it is true that time and criticism have given it more virtues than could be identified at first glance, there is no doubt that ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona’ does not even come close to the highest peaks. Woody Allen’s most notable, those in which intelligence, sense of humor, brilliant dialogue and thoughtful, ingenious and lucid stories have monopolized all the spotlight. Here, however, one thing stands out: Penelope Cruz. Terrific, explosive, hypnotic, poised amid the chaos, her performance is by far the most memorable part of the film. And the Oscars also wanted to show in a big way that they were all for it.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona in eCartelera

4 ‘Not moving’
'Not moving'

Written and Directed by Sergio Castellitto, “Don’t Move” deposits all the greatness of its history on the men of Penélope Cruz. And he’s totally right. Tampoco es que se tratara de una decisión suicida, hablamos además de un a professional etapa de la actriz en la que la madurez shrillaba por su presencia, pero está claro que, para mantener en pie una propuesta de estas dimensiones dramáticas, su protagonist debía estar a height.

If she failed, the whole castle would crumble. Fortunately, the actress delivers one of her most austere and restrained, deepest and most painful, balanced and fascinating performances. In short, a Penelope Cruz very close to wonder.

5 ‘blow’

In 2001, Penélope Cruz released two insurmountable horrors (‘Vanilla Sky’ and ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin’), the interesting ‘No News from God’ and the remarkable ‘Blow’. And yet, the latter seems the most forgotten of all. An unfair event if we take into account that, despite its obvious excesses and the not at all positive way in which it has aged visually, we are faced with an entertaining film from start to finish that also has a wonderful performance by Cruzparticularly brilliant work on his explosive chemistry with Johnny Depp.

6 ‘Elegy’

In order to solve the formidable challenge of adapting the novel by the great Philip Roth in the best possible way, Isabel Coixet bet almost everything on the cardboard of her main partner. And he was absolutely right, especially with regard to a Penelope Cruz who has rarely been so hypnotic. Fabulous work capable even of destroying the voluntary? coldness that marks the whole of this interesting ‘Elegy’.

Elegy in eCartelera

seven ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth’
'Pirates of the Caribbean: Fountain of Youth'

“Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides” isn’t so much a movie as an outright marketing ploy designed for box office success thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow. However, it would have been nice, at the very least, as a show of affection for the previous pirate movies, which are completely ignored in a plot that results in a film that acts as if none of its previous installments ever existed. If anything, the only reference is excess.

But not everything is negative. Of course, the adventures of Sparrow are always entertaining and the return to that casual and fun tone that characterized his first opus is appreciated, but the big positive news of the film lies in the presence of a radiant Penélope Cruz who effortlessly steals each of the scenes in which she appears.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides at Movie’n’co

8 “Murder on the Orient Express”

In elevating his cinematic take on the legendary “Murder on the Orient Express,” the first thing Kenneth Branagh did was have one of those overwhelming house casts. On this occasion, the actor and filmmaker has added to his new adventure a group of high-level performers, including a wonderful Penelope Cruz in her brief but radiant appearances.

However, nothing would have been enough if Branagh had not been able to transfer to the big screen the very essence of this story full of suspense and twists, Agatha Christie’s trademark. Luckily he got it. And there was the key to this new adaptation, its ability to maintain the plot in as sophisticated and elegant a way as it appears in the original novel. The train as a huge game board in which nothing is what it seems. A remarkable delicacy that evolves from season to season.

Murder on the Orient Express at eCartelera

9 “The Wasp Network”

Situada a mitad de tabla en la particular liga artística que supone la carrera de Olivier Assayas, cineasta interesante incluso a la hora de fallar, ‘La red Avispa’ is a much more accessible thriller of lo esperado, tradicional en sus formas y cristalino en sus Goals. A correct proposal in practically all its elements, but exceptional in view of a truly inspired cast where, for a change, the presence of a Penélope Cruz who doesn’t need much to become the absolute queen of the show.

The Avispa network in eCartelera

ten ‘Agents 355’
'Agents 355'

There was no mercy, and it was superior to other proposals of a similar editing like, say, “Ocean’s 8”, but some (few) still defend “Agents 355” as a film of pretty neat action and spy. A pleasant entertainment that makes up for the total absence of surprises in its plot with a five-star cast in which a hilarious Penélope Cruz stands out. In fact, her presence is so prominent that the film clearly breaks down when she’s not onscreen.. That’s what the stars have. And immense talent.

355 agents in eCartelera

And it is that beyond subjects related to American adventures or Hollywood conquests, what marks Penélope Cruz’s professional career is the desire to try her luck in all kinds of cinemas, thus building a admirable map of films, sensitivities and stories. Different places united, of course, by the greatness of a single actress.

This is precisely what it is about, rediscovering some of his best works at an international level, also demonstrating Cruz’s ability to shine even in clearly minor proposals. Has no importance, when she unfolds her full potential, something that happens almost all the time, even mistakes seem to become virtues. Here and everywhere.


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