The 10 most in-demand and highest-paying jobs of 2022 (and for the next 10 years)

Fall is a busy time for work and business, so you might be interested in this list of top 10 jobs and highest paid of 2022 (and for years to come). September is the month of the resumption of activity: those looking for a job must recharge their batteries, and those who want to change jobs too.

However, this time, instead of resorting to LinkedInwe wanted to broaden the scope and collect information from the United States Department of Labor, which was picked up in Business Intern. Salary figures are also for the United States. Although everything works differently in Europe, it may be useful to take a look at how things are developing there.

10. Accountant and auditor

Average annual salary: approximately 77,000 euros

A profession with a long history that plays a fundamental role in a company, that of oversee all economic operations. No less important is the auditor, who examines all this information to resolve any issues.

9. Market Analyst

Average annual salary: approximately 64,000 euros

In a world that is so uncertain about almost everything, including consumer trends, market analysts They have an almost visionary job: determining business opportunities and risks, but also analyzing the competition.

8. Management Analyst

Average annual salary: around 93,000 euros

A position that we are not used to hearing: management analyst He is responsible for planning the commercial and financial activities of the company for which he works. As you can see, the economic aspect is paramount.

7. Lawyer

Average annual salary: approximately 127,000 euros

Are you a fan of series like The good fight That is She-Hulk: Lawyer She-Hulk? It may be time to study law, as you always wanted (or dust off your title, if you don’t use it), because the legal profession is one of the sectors that will grow the most. in the years to come.

6. Head of Information Systems

Average annual salary: approximately 159,000 euros

In a scenario where IT operations dominate the world (and especially the smooth running of any business), IT systems managers they’ve become something of a royalty, and it looks like they’ll continue to be that way this decade.

5. Head of Medical Services

Average annual salary: around 100,000 euros

If the health crisis of the past two years has revealed anything, it is the need to good medical services, always neglected by the institutions. That healthcare management is one of the fastest growing industries today is a good sign.

4. Nurse

Average annual salary: around 77,000 and 120,000 euros

This wide range in terms of salary has an explanation, it is that in the United States the profession is divided between registered nurse Yes nurse practitioner. The latter hold a master’s degree, while the former are graduates. A booming trade, but will its conditions improve?

3. Finance Manager

Average annual salary: approximately 130,000 euros

It’s similar to some of the professions we talked about today, but what is a financial manager? It is responsible for guaranteeing the liquidity of a company (also of individuals) by analyzing and managing financial resources. Do you like numbers?

2. General Manager and Operations

Average annual salary: approximately 98,000 euros

It is one of the most important middle management positions in a company, as it serves as a link between management and customers and operations that ensure the proper management of services. Great diplomatic work and vision of the future and goals.

1. Software Developer

Average annual salary: approximately 120,000 euros

The software development It has been at the forefront of the most in-demand and highest-paying jobs for several years. We understand it perfectly: computer programs are the key to any minimal management in large and small companies.


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