The 8 highest paid jobs in Argentina 2022

There are industrial, commercial, technological and even human resources positions among the best paid jobs in Argentina this year

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06/11/2022 – 7:10 p.m.

The stalls industrial management, Plant Human Resources, IT or commercial leadership are in 2022 the the best paid jobs in Argentina.

Traditionally, aside from the owners and CEOs of a large corporation, best paid jobs in argentina they used to relate to managerial and managerial positions in companies.

But things have changed a lot and today the fields of Technology Those are the better paid in businesses of all kinds. Additionally, there is a level of overlap where union positions are often better paid than bosses, middle managers, or supervisors. This is why many positions related to trades and practical work experience can be positioned among the best paying jobs in Argentina.

Other things endure over time, such as the fact that the best paying jobs in Argentina tend to be in large national companies or subsidiaries of multinationals. In contrast, in the Patagonia region, the highest salaries are usually paid.

What job pays you the most?

The posts of

Industrial management positions are among the highest paying jobs in Argentina

Adecco Argentina has carried out a survey to provide updated data on the labor market, which serves as a reference to know at this time what are the best paid jobs in argentina. Found the following:

  • Industrial Manager in Patagonia he earns between $474,043 a month in a small business and nearly $1,500,000 in a large one.
  • Finance & Legal: Branch Account Manager Semi Senior earns nearly $367,500 a month in a small business in Patagonia. And nearly $378,000 for a large.
  • Industrial: Plant HR Manager He earns nearly $440,000 a month at a small Patagonian company, and nearly $1,276,669 at a large one.
  • The salary of a IT Manager in Buenos Aires it can range from 456,000 pesos per month in a small organization to over $1,500,000 in a larger one.
  • medical science: The salary of a technical director in Buenos Aires in a small company is $535,200 per month, and reaches up to $1,092,000 in a large company.
  • A Head of Labor Relations in Patagonia in a small business he earns just over $294,000 and in a large one nearly $680,000.
  • petroleum gas: a project engineer receives nearly $350,000 in a small company in Patagonia up to $875,000 in a large company.
  • Sales and Marketing: The salary of a sales manager ranges from just over $568,000 at a small company in Patagonia to just over $1,615,000 at a large one.

What is the highest paying job without studying?

Salaries of an IT Manager according to Adecco Argentina

Highest paying jobs in Argentina: salaries of semi-senior specialist operators (Source: Adecco Argentina)

As can be seen in the previous article, the best paid jobs in Argentina continue to be those of a professional, what do you need studies at least undergraduate career.

However, Adecco’s work also included an analysis of how much they pay, for example, operator positions in production plants. Many of these positions does not require studiesand with years of experience and specialization can be turned into good jobs hand in hand with strong unions that negotiate good parity increases with employers.

According to Adecco, a senior or semi-senior specialized operator -that is, with several years of work experience- is one who performs general production, administrative and/or maintenance services in various areas of company, following predetermined instructions and with activities under direct supervision.

In this case, salaries vary between almost 107,000 pesos in a small company in Buenos Aires and can reach almost 215,000 in a large company.. This is how an operator position can also be among the best paid jobs in Argentina.

How much do jobs in Argentina pay?

According to the latest survey from the job search platform Bumeran in Argentina, the expected average salary people who use their system to post it was 158,616 pesos per month in August. This is only one of the parameters to take into account when thinking about the quantity Pay in the local market and what are the works best payments in Argentina.

That is to say, the salary actually paid in a given position is obtained after taking into account value of workthe level of live in the field, the necessary technical knowledge, the field and type of work, etc. Many variables come into play and ultimately define which are the best paying jobs in Argentina.

Best paid jobs in Argentina: in junior positions, the best salaries are in mining, oil and gas

Best paid jobs in Argentina: in junior positions, the best salaries are in mining, oil and gas

In the case of the Bumeran study, it was specified that in August the highest average target salaries were those of the region of systemswith an average of 554,709 pesos per month for the posts of boss and supervisorand those of posts in medicine, with approximately 340,208 pesos per month.

On the other hand, for the positions junior, those who demand higher average salaries are in the business of Mining, oil and gaswith needs of 201,667 pesos per month.

At the other extreme, positions with lowest average salary these were those of nursing in the boss and supervisor segments (139,368 pesos per month) and in the senior and semi-senior segments (79,375 pesos per month). In the case of juniors, the lowest expected average salaries were those in the Product area, with 67,500 pesos per month.


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