The appearance of Lindane in the works of Serralta alerts the inhabitants of Lutxana

The substances found did not force a work stoppage in the area. / S.LL.

The digging of a trench to lay pipes in the future Barakaldo park revealed a ‘concentration’ of the pesticide next to a walking area

The appearance of remains of lindane in a trench dug to install service pipes in the future Serralta de Barakaldo park has put neighborhood associations in the neighborhood on alert. During a meeting between several groups held this Thursday, they alerted to the strong smell of this pesticide that had been perceived in the area, an environment widely used by pedestrians to cross between the Lutxana district and the center of the city. manufacturing. To the city council of Biscay’s second city, they pointed out that it was a “residual concentration” of phthalates (a chemical used to soften plastics) and HCH itself (known as lindane), “mixed with clay and in an amount per kilogram that is not sufficient to be considered hazardous waste.

The presence of the substance, in any case, triggered the alarms of the neighbors who requested a meeting with the city council and those responsible for the Basque government’s environmental public company, IHOBE, to find out the details of this contamination. “We want to know if it’s something specific and what are we going to do with it because who can assure us that there won’t be any more?” Denounced a spokesperson for the neighborhood associations, Txiki Castaños.

The concern is due to the fact that the field of action, where the factory of Lutxana Plasticizers was located, had already been cleaned before. In the local institution they have detailed the Environment Department of the Basque Government certified the decontamination of the soil in which the works are carried out on July 30, 2007. However, during the urbanization works, the company In front of the actions , he requested an extension of the space to be excavated from this same department. Concretely, it would be 2,800 cubic meters of additional land, compared to the initial plans, for the creation of ditches which would house a new network of pipes. The land in question was under a sidewalk space, which in the future would again retain this functionality.

Alerted by the smell

Neighbors who walk the promenade where the residue was discovered, in a recently dug ditch near the Ansio tunnel and next to the land of the Oxinorte company, have already noticed for days the strong industrial smell “characteristic of lindane”, as some users of this step have pointed out. The perception of the smell and the lack of apparent security measures, since the area is still open and the staff in charge of the work maintains it normally, raised the doubts of the associations. “We understand that after this bag of lindane was discovered, it should have been closed, but it is kept in the open. Anyone who passes through it breathes it,” denounced Castaños, who demands an inspection of the rest of the pitch to ensure that the same problem does not happen again elsewhere. “This shows that lindane did not come out of Barakaldo”, denounced the spokesman for the district, who recalled that the inhabitants of Lutxana are already very sensitive to this project. This is when neighbors rallied last month to try to stop the felling of 40 trees, which was ultimately carried out between two protests.

At the city council of the factory, they noticed that the substances discovered “were treated according to the established protocol”, without it being necessary to stop the work. “Among the many analyzes and tastings carried out by engineering specializing in the examination of the terrain during the excavation work, this one was only located at a specific point”, they underlined.


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