The AVE in Murcia stops… the changes in the sections increase the cost 71 million

The three modifications applied to different construction sections of the high-speed platform (AVE) between Almería and Murcia they will increase the cost of infrastructure by about 71 million, since it will be a question of extending the execution times between 15 and 36 months according to each of the sections, which includes pre-project modifications such as the extension of the roads, in the tunnels and environmental corrections , among others. The construction works of the platform of the Vera-Pulpí section (Almería) saw their budget increase by 30 million euros after Adif Alta Velocidad agreed to modify the contract formalized with Acciona-Ferrovial in February 2019, which in turn will mean doubling the time of the works, which goes from an estimated duration of 30 to 66 months.

The works that began in April 2019 for a stretch of approximately 25.7 kilometers and which crosses the municipalities of Pulpí, Cuevas del Almanzora and Vera should have ended, according to the initial planning, at the end of 2021, although with this modification most optimistic predictions they go through a completion date of October 2024according to the amendment agreement viewed by Europa Press.

The Pulpí-Vera section was visited on August 9 by the Minister of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Democratic Memory, Félix Bolaños, who assured that the works were progressing “cruising speed” and ratified the arrival of the AVE between Almería and Murcia in 2026, in accordance with the government’s commitment. Regarding this section, he explained that the stock is growing at a rate of “minimum 2.5% of the section each month”, with “13%” already built.

The actions in this space, which bring its cost to 175,875,868 euros, include ten viaducts with a total length of 2.67 kilometers, now increased by almost 500 meters more. Similarly, to guarantee territorial permeability, 20 road crossing structures will be built under the railway platform, ten viaduct structures on the railway platform, a pedestrian footbridge and 50 transverse drainage structures.

For its part, the main modifications provide for the extension of the double-track platform by more than one kilometer, between kilometer points 520+242 and 521+358. Likewise, there are changes in up to seven viaducts, with changes of bridges ‘in situ’ for prefabricated elements in those of the Antas, Canalejas and Guazamara rivers, or that of Cuevas, which also supposes an effect on the AP-7. The extension of the Burjulú viaduct by 336 meters was also observed, since the Vera viaduct will increase by 80 meters “thus eliminating the integral structure of the Vera-Almanzora station”.

The Almanzora viaduct will be extended by a span of 30 meters in length and, in addition, it will be reinforced with breakwaters, abutments and piles of the viaduct. For their part, the Gachas, Media Legua and Jatico viaducts will also have a change of deck in the event of possible cold fall conditions to introduce prefabricated elements. Adif Alta Velocidad also attended the modifications required by the Water Commission of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura, for which a breakwater protection was included in the viaduct on the Canalejas and Guazamara boulevards and the interior dimensions were enlarged from the works cross drainage. of the platform.

For its part, the former Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Fisheries and Sustainable Development of the Andalusian Government also requested changes to the works in relation to the effects on the hydraulic public domain. Added to this is the development of nnew drainage studies, pipeline crossing studies, new project conditions and modifications easements for irrigation, supply, sanitation and other services, among other aspects, which also involve project supervision and review of measures and concepts. The modification occurs before circumstances that the contracting authority “could not foresee” until the development of the work; a situation also alleged for the Níjar-Río Andarax section, which increases its budget from 17,883,392 euros to 124.5 million euros pplow a section of 25.5 kilometers in length.

The share that was awarded to Contratas y Ventas SA in the first quarter of 2019, planned 32 months of work which, with this modification, increases to 49 months of works on a section comprising 16 viaducts, four viaducts, nine underpasses and an 878-meter tunnel at Viator, which will cross the industrial zone and which will be subject to modifications. Modifications will also be applied in terms of earthworks with variants of protection in flood zones, recalculations in viaducts with new support devices and the translocation of species and fauna surveys at the request of the Environment, among other aspects.

Along with these, there are three modified ones that have been approved in recent weeks, to which is added the Los Arejos-Níjar section, which 15 months will be extended and an additional €23.2 million will be addedup to 141,793,588 euros, for the variations of a viaduct, the translocation of the protected flora and the modifications of the building system to avoid the effects of possible “damage”.


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