The best sites to find temporary jobs

Thanks to the rise of digital platforms, e-commerce and digital marketing, many people have decided to make their talents available to other brands, in order to earn extra money in their spare time.

However, this modality has gained strength if we take into account that the cost of living has increased and with it increases the need to generate additional income to cover expenses that arise every day.

For this reason, it is essential to have tools that help detect possible temporary employment options that allow you to earn money in exchange for investing a few hours of work.

Websites to find temporary jobs

In addition to alternatives like Uber, there are platforms that function as intermediaries to connect companies with people ready to complete tasks in fields such as pet care, construction, photographer, designer, community manager, among others.


This platform communicates employment options to freelancers who have the hourly mode of payment, in addition, registration is free and the user can filter job options by location, salary and start date. Once an attractive option is found, all you have to do is apply, which is free, and continue the matchmaking process if the company accepts it.


This service brings together small and medium-sized businesses from different parts of the world and connects them with people who solve graphic design needs. In the site a client indicates they want a logo or website design and interested parties apply through a selection process where the best proposal gets the job.

Likewise, the platform allows a company to directly contact a candidate so that the two can agree on the development of other projects. It should be noted that those wishing to use 99designsThey must first pass a selection process.

Additionally, the website charges a commission of $100 for the first job donelater 15% will be charged and as user get more jobs, the rate will be 5%.

flexible jobs

this platform brings together several job offers, in particular under the modality of telework. Users can find options that match their skills, knowledge, experience, and schedules. The site requires a registration process which is not complicated to perform and once this step is completed, the user can start the job search.

remote work

This service has established itself as a huge community of job seekers in the modality of working from home, so it is a site that gathers job offers from brands located in different parts of the world. The great advantage of this portal is that vacancies are constantly updated and you can check the reputation of companies that open vacancies.

work for the world

It is a web portal that, in addition to presenting a wide variety of remote employment options, with large and medium-sized companies, the service also offers tips for preparing a CV as well as useful recommendations when looking for a job in other parts of the world. In reality, this platform also provides educational resources, scholarship information and internship options abroad.


This portal is present in several parts of the world and therefore brings together a wide variety of job offers, for professionals with different profiles. This service allows you to create a CV that highlights people’s experience, skills and knowledge, making it easier to connect with open positions offered by companies.

Google Jobs

A few months ago, the Internet giant launched a new tool that allows you to users of your search engine can learn about job opportunities, This resource makes it possible to find job opportunities adapted to the profile of the user.

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