The cabinetmaker who dreams of carving wood or building altarpieces with mountain views

When Tomás talks about his work as a cabinetmaker looks like he is delicately turning a handcrafted piece of wood. your wordsshow love for the job, a kind of resin that sticks to you, that imprisons you. And then an irrepressible desire enters to see the result of a work in which he combines furniture or artisan frames to restore altarpieces, as well as altars or stalls, among other pieces. All this will be done in Angüés, near the mountains. “I’ve always wanted to try living in different places. He knew the region and wanted a place close to the Pyrenees and well served,” explains Tomás Duaso Ansó, who in a few months will open his workshop in this town of Hoya de Huesca, from where his pieces will travel.

Tomás studied vocational training in wood in Pamplona, ​​did an internship in Turin and also lived in Valencia, Castellón and Zaragoza for work. Later, he decided to return to his hometown, Tauste, where he opened his business 17 years ago. With the machines he bought from a retiree, he came to his town and settled in his grandparents’ barn.

It hasn’t moved since, so after years of research, found in Angüés the city that met all the requirements for him: a warehouse of 200 meters to house all the machines -because his workshop is too small- with an outdoor space to store the wood and well served, not to mention the proximity of the Pyrenees. This space will allow you to have an exhibition space for your work.

Like lifelong professionals, he distinguishes very well between the cabinetmaker, who works noble wood and applies creativity to his furniture, and the carpenter of large structures. “I go to the craft fair in Aragón with furniture for sale. I make them with traditional construction systems but with current designs,” he explains. “Sometimes when they see them, people tell you if they had anything other than… and I explain to them that I make them from scratch as they want and they’re surprised. They explain to me what they want, I do the design, I give them the final budget, and they decide”details of how they work.

In the In 2017, they awarded him the First Prize in the Craft Competition. In addition, he also has the Aragon Craftsman’s Card and is part of the Spanish Network of Masters of Traditional Construction.

He therefore considers himself a cabinetmaker, but he also builds structures, although these are mostly related to artistic restoration projects. For example, cCollaborated in the restoration of the coffered ceiling of the Salón del Tanto Monta in the old Episcopal Palacel of the enclosure of the cathedral of Huesca, he also carried out carpentry work on restoration works such as the stalls of the cathedral of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca), of the cathedral of Plasencia (Cáceres), of the cathedral of Albarracín (Teruel), large format frame for the Pedro Museum (Madrid)…

A professional job with job security

“It has always been a job for me. It’s a job that takes a lifetime to learn, but it’s very rewarding because you can apply the job and the creation,” he says with contagious enthusiasm. “If you like it and want to work and be independent, you have a job for life for sure, because we can not cope. There are not many people who do these jobs,” he comments, like a message to awaken vocations.

On your Instagram profile @ebanisteriatomasthis is how his company will be called also in Angüés you can see more furniture and pieces that he makes, such as solid wood tables of his own design or drawer units in which the grain of the wood continues from one to the other . In Angüés he hopes to find “a place with more open spaces to be able to work comfortably”.


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