The ‘Café Bretón&Bodegas Olarra’ grant-prize for a literary project will allow the submission of works until January 31


The “Café Bretón&Bodegas Olarra” scholarship-scholarship for a literary project will allow the presentation of works between November 22 and January 31, 2023, delivered on April 23 and then published by the “Pepitas de Calabaza” publishing house.

A new edition, the twenty-ninth, which was presented today by Maite Soria, from Bodegas Olarra, Maria Isabel Gago, from Café Bretón, Julián Lacalle, from ‘Pepitas de Calabaza’, and José Ibarrola, author of the poster to call it this year.

The latter specified that “a poster must be a call to attention and then a concrete and precise point of information”, being on this occasion “very simple, developing an idea of ​​research reports, being a place of navigation where we know where you start and not where you end, that’s why I chose to make a paper boat with printed letters”.

Lacalle, for his part, indicated that one of the successes of the prize is the “change of format”, going from a finished literary prize to a trophy-scholarship, to the point that “some six or seven scholarships have reproducing the basis of ours”.

In addition, he indicated that the previous prize, ‘La Selva Herida’, by Martín Ibarrola, will be awarded on January 18, while recalling that ‘El plagiarism’, by Daniel Jiménez, who won the 2021 prize, in addition to “the literary success he has developed, will jump to the screen”.

For his part, Soria stressed that “it is an honor to be able to support this prize, the change of format being very successful”, which is why “we are very committed to the scholarship”.


Gago, in his speech, announced the groundwork for an award focused on the dissemination of non-fiction works that aims to promote the research and publishing of texts that dissect the most important and controversial issues of our time.

To participate, you must present two pages that explain the project, ten from the beginning of the text and a plan -it does not have to be finished- of the work. Seven copies of each proposal must be submitted – only one of the diagram -, typed double-spaced in DIN A4 format. The final text will consist of no less than one hundred single-sided pages. Submitted copies will not be returned or correspondence will be maintained regarding them.

The works presented must be written in Spanish and be unpublished as a whole, even if an extract has already been published.

The personal data of the author, as well as a few lines about his career and those relating to the places where a preview of the text may have appeared, must be inserted in an open envelope.

The submission of the work in an advanced – if not finished – state of writing will be positively valued.

The price is intended to be informative without popularizing. The work must be rigorous, without being academic. The jury will appreciate the quality of the prose.

The winner undertakes to deliver the completed work six months after notification of the award. The book will be published by Pepitas.

The period of presentation of the works will be from November 22 to January 31, 2023, and these must be sent to Café Bretón, Calle Bretón de los Herreros 34, 26001 Logroño (La Rioja, Spain) or be delivered by hand in the said address.

The jury, without prejudice to previous meetings, will meet on March 13, 2023 to select the winning work. The decision will be made the next day.

A jury, after appropriate deliberations, will select the winning work. The decisions of this jury are final.

The jury reserves the right to declare the prize void if, in its opinion, the quality of the proposals submitted has not reached the desired level.

The author of the winning work will receive a cash prize of 6,000 euros. In two installments (3,000 upon award of the prize and 3,000 upon submission of the final manuscript). The work will be published and marketed in book form, the sponsors reserving the rights to the first edition and any reprints up to 3 in number. The author will sign a contract for the use of the work according to the us and customs of the sector.

The cash prize, which is subject to current tax regulations, will be considered an advance on copyright. The award ceremony will take place during a public event organized at Café Bretón on April 23, 2023. The winning author agrees to be present at this event, and during which he organizes himself to present the published book .

In the event of the award being cancelled, the entire budget will go towards publishing, distributing and reclaiming/rescuing the work of a “forgotten” writer who, in the eyes of the jury, deserves such attention. .

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