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| 2022-11-10 13:34

The Camino del Cid Consortium has announced the winning works of the V Camino del Cid video contest, which will distribute 1,800 euros among the winning proposals.

As in the previous edition, this year’s contest included three categories: Travel, Our Cities and Mío Cid. In the “Travel” category, which aims to reward the video that best conveys the experience of traveling along the Camino del Cid through any of its locations or routes, the prize was awarded to “Camino del Cid: a family adventure on pedals”, a work signed by WildKids and which tells a family trip by bike between Burgos and Valencia. The video, starring two girls aged 9 and 5, offers images of some of the most remarkable tourist resources on the route and incorporates several nods to the daily life of its protagonists. The competition jury appreciated the video highlighting that any trip “is possible” and highlighted the projection they managed to make of the Camino del Cid “in just one minute”. Likewise, he appreciated the agility with which it is told and that they have been able to combine adventure, heritage, nature “and all this through a family trip”.

In the “Our Cities” category, the winning video was “Labour Demand” by Mª José Blanch, a complete journey through the most medieval Valencia (Balansiya, according to the author) that has a neat plot with a surprising ending. Although the jury wanted to emphasize that the Camino del Cid is an eminently rural route and of small towns “it is also part of the same large towns that have a very important role and are closely linked to the figure of Cid”. Likewise, he awarded the video after evaluating “the originality of the proposal”, alluding to the final twist of the work while emphasizing the vision offered of the city of Valencia “it has a very powerful medieval past that we can now know thanks to the Way of the Cid”.

Finally, in the “Mío Cid” category, aimed at recounting, interpreting, versioning the Poem, it was for the video “Sacrificia”, by Jaime García Calle: a contemporary account of the affront suffered by the daughters of the Cid at the hands of their wife the Infantes de Carrión in which the aesthetics of the horror subgenre called “Analog Horror” was followed, very popular in recent times. “It’s a well thought out video in which the shrillness of the sound is brought on. It’s an effect widely used in supernatural horror films and which they used to transport us to a very specific episode of Cantar”. In this sense, the youth of the protagonists of the video has been valued, who are even dressed in current clothes “which convey that the message of the song and in particular the gender violence of the Afrenta de Corpes is a timeless message”.

Candidates Award, also for Babieca

This year’s Jury was made up of Isabel Soria, technician of the Provincial Council of Zaragoza and expert in the audiovisual sector, as president; Alfonso Boix, medievalist specializing in the Cid; Beatriz Cabeza, Director – Curator of the “Sabinares del Arlanza-La Yecla” Natural Park in Burgos; David Pellicer, cameraman, editor, director and photographer, linked to the audiovisual world; Luis Sánchez, a traveler who has traveled the Camino del Cid for years and Alberto Luque, general manager of the Camino del Cid Consortium who acted as secretary.

At the same time, this year’s candidates also chose their favorite video, the winner being “Demanda Laboral”, by Mª José Blanch, which achieved a “double” since it was the most voted work among all participants who have voted.

All the members of the Jury thanked them for the participation of this year, the most important of all the editions of the competition with 64 videos sent, and wanted to convey their congratulations to the winners, in turn encouraging future interested parties to send their video. in future editions. .

Winning videos:

▪ Travel Category Prize: “Camino del Cid: a family pedal adventure”, by WildKids

▪Award for the Our Towns category and award for competitors: “Labour demand”, by Mª José Blanch

▪Mio Cid Category Award: “Sacrificia”, by Jaime García Calle


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