The ceiA3 launches 30 study aids for dissertations and internships in companies

The Campus of International Agri-Food Excellence (ceiA3) has promoted some thirty scholarships for students through two new calls for scholarships, both for the completion of the end-of-study project (TFM) in companies in the agri-food sector, and Diploma in-company internship scholarships during the 2022/2023 academic year, under the agreement with the Universities of Santander.

In total, about twenty scholarships are called for extracurricular internships or curricular internships to carry out end-of-master projects on agri-food issues within the company, with the aim of defending it during the year 2023, according to the establishment in a note.

This initiative, to which a total amount of 32,000 euros will be allocated, pursues the objective of promoting the integration of University Master’s students in companies in the agri-food sector to promote their training and their employability, as well as their contribution and that of their university tutor in the development of the company’s activities in the field of agri-food innovation.

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The stays of the students in the companies will last four months and the endowment of each aid will be 1,600 euros gross; The deadline for receiving applications is January 13.

A dozen university scholarships

Regarding the University Diploma, a dozen grants will be awarded for internships in companies in the agri-food sector, in order to promote the training and employability of students.

Having a registration in any license related to the academic offer of the ceiA3 during this course is part of the general conditions for requesting this aid and, for its part, the selected company must belong to the agri-food sector or carry out its related activity. field and have its headquarters in Andalusian territory.

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Standing Committee of the Campus of International Agrifood Excellence ceiA3
Standing Committee of the Campus of International Agrifood Excellence ceiA3

This is the first edition of the call for Graduate Internships which contributes to the development of the activities of companies in the sector and will make it possible to carry out internships lasting four months during this academic year, during which students will evolve between 20 and 25 hours of activities per week that will allow them to put into practice what they have learned during their studies.

The call has a total funding of 12,000 euros. The aim of the call is to offer scholarships to undergraduate students with a gross amount of 1,200 euros in the academic year 2022/2023.

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The application deadline will remain open until December 19, and interested individuals should submit their application along with the required documentation through their university registry.

IEC project

These grants are part of the strategic lines of the CEI project and are funded by the Universities of Santander, under the agreement signed in 2020 between the two institutions.

In total, 44,000 euros will be allocated in scholarships to students for stays in companies in the sector –32,000 euros for Masters and 12,000 euros for Licenses–.

The Campus of International Agrifood Excellence (ceiA3) is a joint initiative of the universities of Cordoba, Almería, Cadiz, Huelva and Jaén, which aims to modernize and internationalize its participating universities, achieving a level of excellence in all areas, including academic, being this one of its strategic pillars.

In addition to promoting relations between universities and companies, mainly through the transfer of knowledge from university centers to the socio-economic environment and the agri-food entrepreneurial fabric at regional, national and international level, the ceiA3 aims to address this relationship in a dual logic. way way.

For this reason, ceiA3 promotes recruitment programs for professionals in the agri-food business sector, with extensive experience in their field, to bring their knowledge of the world of work and business to future university graduates, with the aim of lighten the gaps between the knowledge generated in universities and the business world, offering a multidisciplinary vision of the knowledge and good practices generated within the agri-food business.


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