The City continues arboriculture and patching work

forestry tasks


The limbing of low branches will be carried out in the street and the sidewalk, the clearing of lights and road signs in Salta Street, from Buenos Aires to Entre Ríos, and in San Juan Street, from Alem to Don Bosco.

Pruning and eradication of 100% dry forests in poor condition, located in the neighborhood of San Martín.


Training pruning and placement of new foresters in the neighborhoods of San Martín and Bombal.

Perplexed in the sixth section.

operational 360

Limbing and clearing of stray branches and cleaning of light fixtures and traffic signs in the area of ​​the Fourth Section East.

Pruning in Plaza Pedro del Castillo, cutting of dry branches, eradication of dry forests and thinning.


A coat: in Malvinas, Yrigoyen, Mathus Hoyos, 9 de Julio and Constituyentes squares.

By chariot: in the West, Fourth Section East, First, Third, Fifth and Sixth Section neighborhoods.

Green spaces

Cleaning, irrigation and maintenance work will be carried out in all the places of the City and the disinfection of children’s games, benches and baskets.

– Landmark of Alpatacal Street and Ferroviarios Argentinos

Monument estimate.

– Flores Olivares Linear Park

Planting of flowering plants, shrubs and trees according to design.

Planting of grass.

Bottom fertilization.

– Access to the city (Road junction and Galicia/Moreno and Belgrano; Paseo Palero; Perú-Kolton Square)

Preparation of the soil in a new planted bed.

Placement of shrubs and flowers according to the design.

– Belgrano Square

Planting of grass.

Reinforcement of irrigation.

Bottom fertilization.

– Italy Square

Formwork and column filling.

Painting of columns in general.

– Sarmiento pedestrian street

Improved with flower beds.

– La Favorita roundabout

Improvement with floriferous.

Disinfection and sanitation of public spaces

Disinfection tasks will be carried out with sodium hypochlorite and washing of rubber floors in the children’s playgrounds of Plazas España, Independencia, Cobo, Yrigoyen, Parque O’Higgins, Caseros, Sarmiento.

In addition, disinfection will be carried out in the users of the Paseo Palero and Nicolino Locche linear park, in the Champagnat, Soberanía and Sanidad neighborhoods.

Wet cleaning of floors with sodium hypochlorite in Independencia, Vergara, Yrigoyen, Caseros, Italia and Chile squares.

The disinfection of the places occupied by the artisans of Paseo Villalonga and Plaza Independencia is reinforced.

Washing and disinfection of games located at PROCREAR.

Wet cleaning of galleries and streets belonging to the cemetery.

Disinfection – spraying

12/19 Fourth West Section (Lagomaggiore Street, Estrada, Fidel De Lucia, P. Mendocinas, etc.).

12/20 Sixth Section (quadrant between JA Calle, Houssay, Boulogne Sur Mer and Pérou).

12/21 Sixth Section (quadrant between JV González, JA Calle, Boulogne Sur Mer and Perú).

12/22 Fourth Section East (quadrant between Coronel Díaz, Santiago del Estero, San Martín and Bajada de Arrollabe).

12/23 Fourth section east (quadrant between Santiago del Estero, Alberdi, San Martín and PB Palacios).

Disinfection in public trees

Fourth Section West

12/19 May 25, 3158

12/19 P. Mendocinas 3531

12/19 St. Martin 322

12/19 Fidel De Lucia, between Mosconi and Hudson.

12/19 Estrada, between San Martín and Fidel De Lucia.

12/19 Lagomaggiore, between Miter and Fidel De Lucia.

12/19 F. Ameghino, between San Martín and Spain

12/20 P. Mendocinas, between Soler and Bogado

12/20 Videla Correa, between San Martín and Peru.

Sixth section

12/20 Parana 818

12/20 Aristóbulo del Valle, between Boulogne Sur Mer and T. Benegas.

12/21 Paso de los Andes, between JV González and A. del Valle.

21/12 Alpatacal, between JV González and JD Videla.

21/12 Suipacha, between Martínez de Rozas and T. Benegas.

12/22 T. Benegas, between Suipacha and J. Newbery

12/22 Rodríguez, between J. Newbery and J. Hernández

12/22 J. Hernández, between C. Silva and Belgrano

12/23 Olascoaga between Moldes and JA Calle

12/23 L. Lugones, between C. Silva and C. Rodríguez

12/23 Moor, between Alpatacal and Olascoaga

patch work

Crew N°1: equipment to use cold patching

12/19 J. Rodríguez Street, between M. Moreno and Arístides Villanueva.

12/20 J. Rodríguez Street, between Arístides Villanueva and N. Avellaneda.

12/21 J. Rodríguez Street, between Paraná and M. Arroyo

12/22 T. Benegas Street, between JB Justo and Arístides Villanueva.

24/12 jobs to be designated.

Squad N°2: equipment to use hot patching

12/19 Salta Street, between Córdoba and San Luis.

12/20 Vicente Gil Street, between M. de Rozas and Huarpes.

12/21 San Luis Street, between San Juan and Rioja.

12/22 JF Moreno Street, between Cordoba and San Luis.

24/12 jobs to be designated.

Crew Nº3: material to be used for cold patching

Visit claims taken.

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