The City Council announces the Ciudad de Huelva award on dependencies

Huelva City Council convened the fourth edition of the City of Huelva Award on Dependencies. Until February 15, 2023, the period for presenting master’s or end-of-study projects for the 2021-2022 academic year that deal with any type of addiction is open, but always with reference to the capital of Huelva.

This municipal initiative is developed in collaboration with the University of Huelva through the Health Unit and the Life Cycle Development and Health Promotion Research Group, to promote research and study in the field of addictions in the university community and to promote the elaboration of works on the different dependencies, with a focus on the city of Huelva.

The councilor for social policies and equality of the town hall of Huelva, Maria Jose Pulidowas delighted to announce the fourth edition of some prizes intended “to respond to the demands of today’s society with regard to addictions, a constantly evolving and changing reality that requires studies and analyzes to be able to carry out an intervention adapted to the needs, to our needs, those of the people of Huelva”.

He pointed out that the Dependencies generate very heterogeneous psychosocial profiles, with constant updates in terms of legislation or theories and intervention or prevention models, “and we need our young academics to develop research aimed at solving the problem in our city” for this reason, he once again thanked the involvement of the University, encouraging the students of the University of Huelva to participate because “the greatest recognition will be the satisfaction of helping to fight against the addiction in the city and to support the people who suffer from it every day”.

This is a price for Student Council from the University of Huelva, especially to young people who, in the last academic year, have defended their master’s final project (TFM) or their final study project (TFG), with a minimum mark of 8 points out of 10 and whose content is related to the subject of addictions, of any discipline, concerning the areas of prevention, social integration or research, but always specifically focused on Huelva and Huelva. In this way, research papers and intervention projects carried out by students of the University of Huelva from any discipline, but on addictions, are admitted.

The prize is endowed with a laptop and the publication of the work on the website of the Municipal Plan for the Fight against Addictions of the City Council of Huelva, with the winner retaining full copyright.

The work will be presented at Municipal Addictions Plan (located in the Gota de leche building) before February 15 of 2023. The title of the work presented will be recorded externally and may not contain any element allowing its authorship to be identified.

The Huelva City Council will appoint the members of the jury, with representatives from the Department of Social Policy and Equality and the Municipal Addictions Commission; the Health Unit of the University of Huelva; and the Group for the Development of Lifestyles in the Life Cycle and Health Promotion of the University of Huelva.

The maximum deadline for the jury’s decision is set at April 27, 2023 and the works will be specially valued according to criteria linked to the originality and the novelty of the subject; clarity in the presentation of ideas; and applicability to the city of Huelva.


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