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Jesús Villar explains the work carried out in the cemetery

The schedule will be extended from eight in the morning to six in the afternoon between Sunday, October 30 and November 1. The councilor for this area, Jesús Villar, visited the sacred field to supervise the works and took the opportunity to announce, as councilor for the works, the opening date of the third park-and-ride, scheduled for October 31.

As is customary each year, the municipal cemetery is prepared on the eve of All Saints’ Day. In addition to gardening, cleaning and maintenance of common areas and corridors, finishing and painting work has been carried out on the interior and exterior facades, as well as on the accesses closest to the fire station. Pedro Moya, responsible for this municipal area, said that “what we have done in other years has been done, but this one with more personnel and material to carry out the cleaning process”.

The cemetery councilor, Jesús Villar, who visited the sacred field to supervise the works, recommended that, whenever possible, the cleaning of the graves be carried out before October 30, in order to avoid additional works and with the so that the installation is in the best conditions by October 31.

Due to the influx of people expected on these dates, it is requested “that the corridors and the marked route be respected”. The Town Hall indicates that the route has been revisited, but asks visitors to pay particular attention to children so as not to step on the graves and to avoid accidents. Also that cleaning products are collected. Not in vain, “there are containers scattered all over the cemetery, something which, according to the mayor, “in the end it is good for everyone that everything is clean and in good condition”.

Regarding the adapted toilets budgeted for 2022, the mayor indicated that the work will begin the week following the All Saints holidays. An action that will be added to the construction of 24 tombs already made in the courtyard of San Pablo. “As long as there are neighbors who want to buy, we will have to continue building, so next year there will be a new phase,” he said.

Parking deterrent Alfonso XII-Juan Romero

In the chapter on the works, Jesús Javier Villar announced that the scheduled opening date of the third park-and-ride located on Calle Alfonso XII at the corner of Calle Juan Romero is Monday, October 31.

In the absence of lighting, it will be used. A service that will mean twenty additional parking spaces in the city center, in addition to the 89 established between the two surfaces developed in 2022 on Nueva and Prim streets and Arenas street, which, for the mayor, “represent a relief during the parking”.

The budget item initially established was 8,000 euros, but it will be reduced. “A lot of work has been done with the workers of the works delegation”, so the material to fix the facades, the finishes and the painting has been reduced to 2,500 euros”, he explained.

These are the most remarkable actions which include the usual maintenance work in the Delegation of Works, among which the painting work on the facade of the Market.

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