The City Council of l’Alfàs announces cuts in several streets due to improvement works and asphalting works

The City Council of l’Alfàs del Pi announces to the public that this week the circulation of vehicles will be limited in several streets of the municipality due to ongoing improvement works.

Tomorrow Wednesday, speed bumps will be placed at the pedestrian crossings of Avenida del País Valencià to increase the safety of pedestrians when crossing the street. Work will begin at 8:00 am in the upper part of the avenue. Operators will first intervene in a lane, allowing the alternative passage of vehicles. There are also plans to cut off the ascent lane for 2 hours, diverting traffic along Ejércitos Españoles Street towards Guionista Iborra towards Calvari.

On Thursday, October 6, due to the asphalting works that are going to be carried out on Camí de la Mar and Calle Constitución, a traffic lane will be cut off, giving an alternative passage to vehicles descending towards Albir, which may result in a detention .

This same Thursday, due to the paving works that are going to be carried out at the intersection between Sant Pere Avenue and the N-332, vehicle traffic will be limited from 8 to 10 a.m. From 10 a.m. until the end of the paving works, this section of the old N-332 will be cut off from vehicle traffic, diverting traffic through the interior of Albir.

Finally, on Monday 10, due to the paving works that are going to be carried out at the TRAM de l’Albir stop and at the roundabout between Constitución and Camí de la Mar streets, traffic will be limited, allowing alternative vehicles .

All these improvement works that will be carried out in the coming days may cause traffic delays. Therefore, the Town Hall of l’Alfàs del Pi apologizes for any inconvenience that these works may cause. In case of rain, this work will be postponed to another day.

“We have a very important project underway to improve the connection between the urban area and the Albir area, which is being carried out in phases through EDUSI. We are about to complete phase 1. We also have phase 2 in progress, which includes the two roundabouts on the N-332. This work is being carried out in sections to minimize the inconvenience and affect traffic as little as possible, but sometimes it will be necessary to cut off traffic and therefore apologize to the public for the inconvenience that this work may cause, “said the councilor of the Town planning. , Toni Tel.

The works of the first phase include the creation of a cycle path on Constitución Avenue and the rehabilitation of the Camí de la Mar cycle path. In addition, the current intersection between these two streets is removed with the construction of a roundabout and the environment is improved and the accessibility of the TRAM stop. The work, carried out by the Pavasal company, represents an investment of 604,983.52 euros, VAT included, 50% co-financed with ERDF funds.

The second phase, also in progress, consists of extending the Camí de la Mar cycle path to Avenida de l’Albir, also connecting the TRAM stop and Sant Pere Avenue with a cycle path. In addition, to improve the organization of road traffic on the N-332, two roundabouts are created at the intersections with Camí de la Mar and Avenida Sant Pere. An investment of 1,357,833.19 euros, including VAT, 50% co-financed with ERDF funds, through the Sustainable and Integrated Urban Development Strategy (EDUSI) ‘L’Alfàs del Pi Healthy Territory’.

This operation is linked to the promotion of sustainable urban mobility. It is a question of ordering road traffic, improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists and promoting intermodality, by focusing on the promotion of collective means.

The EDUSI ‘L’Alfàs del Pi Healthy Territory’ is structured around three main lines of action -smart city, sustainable city and inclusive city- and revolves around the concept of health. This initiative involves an investment of 10 million euros, 50% co-financed with ERDF funds, through the Multiregional Operational Program of Spain 2014-2020 (POPE).

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