The City Council of Marbella prepares the educational centers for the new course by intensifying the work of the school conservation plan

This initiative, which operates 365 days a year, takes advantage of the summer period for larger-scale actions

The delegation of works from the Marbella Town Hall, through the school conservation plan, has intensified actions in the city’s educational centers during the summer period, taking advantage of the summer holidays to undertake, in two months, almost a hundred actions out of more than 200 that have been carried out under this plan.

Actions which also include the most important in the centers since the cessation of activity makes it possible to act without intervening in the daily life of schools and nurseries. However, it should be remembered that, despite the fact that the action has intensified during these months, the conservation plan operates 365 days a year and is planned for a period of five years, starting at the end of 2020.

In addition to painting, locksmithing, plumbing, repairing blinds, windows or changing doors, during these months the delegation undertook four major actions which have a positive impact on the teaching and development of student activity.

Although the Plan follows a planning of actions taking into account the urgency and the age of the educational centers, emergency incidents can alter it. This was the case at the beginning of the summer, when several breakdowns of the plumbing network of the CEIP Miguel de Cervantes led to integrating the complete renovation of the network into the summer forecast, thus avoiding a major breakdown occurring at the course of the course which would create more problems.

Plumbing works at CEIP Miguel de Cervantes

Adapting to Andalusian regulations for municipal nurseries so that they have a baby room, for children under 0 to 1 year old, was another of the most important actions undertaken during the summer, Particularly relevant were the works in the Las Chapas nursery, where a redistribution and expansion of the space was undertaken which led to a complete renovation of the center. In the case of Las Albarizas, adaptation works have also been undertaken, while in El Pinar one of the classrooms that the center already had could be adapted.

The rehabilitation of the facade of the CEIP Antonio Machado was another of the actions in which work was carried out throughout the summer to solve the problems of leaks and protect the building in the long term. The council eliminated and gave a definitive solution to the humidity problems that the center had.

To achieve this, the downspouts were repaired and a gutter was installed on the roof parapets to prevent rainwater from seeping into the building structure. In addition, painting work has been undertaken, both in the classrooms concerned and on the entire facade, where the old exterior locksmith elements have been removed to renew its image.

Before and after the rehabilitation works of the facade of the CEIP Antonio Machado

Finally, within these four main actions, work is being finalized to allow access to Las Albarizas School on José Manuel Vallés Avenue, a request from the City Council for children and adolescents in Marbella , with which he aspires to facilitate the integration of the center into the city.

Works for the authorization of access to the CEIP Las Albarizas by José Manuel Vallés Avenue

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