The company in charge of the work of Alhama Castle requests the temporary cessation of work

The mayoress of Alhama and technicians from the town hall visit the works of the castle. / Ayto.

From Culture they think they are looking for more money. The PP asks Mayor Guevara to purify responsibilities

There is controversy with the castle of Alhama de Murcia. A little over a year ago, in October 2021, the final consolidation works of the castle of the municipality began in the municipality with a forecast of 24 months for its total execution. From then on, work concentrated on the lower wall and the Christian houses of the enclosure. Thirteen months after the start of the works, the winning company, Salmer Cantería y Restauración, presented a letter to the City Council last Tuesday requesting that a temporary stoppage of the works be carried out for the necessary time.

The objective, according to the company, is that the contracting authority and the contracting authority specify the scope of the works envisaged in the execution project, or, if necessary, draw up a modified project ordering and defining the works. to be carried out, in addition, the municipal council certifies all the work carried out and not envisaged in the tendered project.

The company assures that to date only 21.10% of the work carried out has been certified, regretting that during the 13 months of work the post of director of the execution of the work has been ensured by up to three technicians different. “Even at defined times, there was no designated technician in this regard,” they say of the company.

The lack of definition of the works that remain to be carried out is another of the claims of Salmer Cantería y Restauración, which, according to the complaint, would prevent the technicians of the contracting company from carrying out a planning of the works. “This makes it impossible to meet execution deadlines and results in low productivity resulting in significant economic losses”, nuances the company.

The culture think they want more money

María José López, councilor for culture of the town hall of Alhama, expressed her discomfort with this position of the construction company. “It gives us the impression that they are asking for more money and trying to cover up their disrespect of workers marching to other places of work,” he said. He also assured that the director of works presented a report last Monday in which he indicates that during working hours the door of the enclosure was found closed and without workers. López indicated that from the Consistory, every Monday, visits are made to the works and work meetings are held: “We just need to camp there”, he added.

“The castle is an element of identity for the neighbours. The company only looks after its interests and we will not let ourselves be rushed, ”said the mayor, while affirming that three technicians went through the management of the works. In this regard, he pointed out that “the first was on leave for several months, an outside technician was hired, for which a period of two months was necessary, during which time the position was covered by a municipal technician”. “For this reason, three execution directors have passed through the hill of the castle. To say that we don’t have a project is nonsense,” he added.


People’s Party spokeswoman María Cánovas demanded action from Alhama mayor, socialist Mariola Guevara: “The castle, culture and heritage must be top priorities for the city council,” he said. -he declares. The popular expressed her surprise that no responsibility was clarified.

Cánovas described this situation as “total nonsense and a real shame”. “It’s a shame that with the neighbors’ money this kind of thing happens, situations similar to those that happen with other works in the municipality,” he said.


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