The Council begins the cleaning work of La Forestal

Since eight-thirty in the morning this Monday, October 17, three teams of workers from the Junta de Andalucía have been removing belongings, garbage and other waste from the surroundings of the marabouts of La Forestal, where it has been decided to act imminently to clean up a public space like this, surrounded by an exceptional environmental enclave for Rota and where there was a risk of fire due to its poor state of conservation.

As the Regional Delegate for Sustainability, Environment and Blue Economy of the Junta de Andalucía, Óscar Curtido, announced last week after his first meeting with the Mayor of Rota, Javier Ruiz, the work has started today. today, because the media were able to capture in a visit to which were also present the municipal delegate for the ecological transition, Nuria López, and two councilors of the PP, as well as regional and municipal technicians and members of Ecologists in action.

[Img #178607]Walking through the La Forestal space, the media were able to see the work of some eleven people who are currently carrying out the removal of garbage and goods, manually, since it will be tomorrow, Tuesday, when this work is completed with mechanical means which will last until Wednesday, in principle, because as Óscar Curtido has detailed, the teams will work in La Forestal until it is necessary to leave a clean space, or at least, with the minimum risk of d fire due to the accumulation of waste and accessories.

Given that some marabouts, as we have seen this morning, are still occupied by people who have settled there, and in many cases they are recovering goods and objects that are not in very good condition, we proceeded to speak with some of them, for this they remove part of what they accumulate outside where you can see chairs, tables, mattresses, baby bottles, blankets and even a small car dilapidated.

[Img #178616]It must be kept in mind that the expulsion of these people is done through legal means, and as the territorial delegate to the media commented, the intention in this short-term action is not to create a problem there where there is none with these people, which is bad They live in marabouts. Solutions are sought and they have been asked to avoid the accumulation of waste to preserve this space surrounded by pine forests. Although there was no altercation with the squatters, to guarantee everyone’s safety, a couple from the regional police are controlling the area to ensure that everything goes well.

Óscar Curtido pointed out that being a native of Rota and aware of the situation of La Forestal, which depends on the council of which he is now territorial delegate, he could not let go of the fact that one of his first decisions that affected Rota had passed by this short-term action which will be completed by the development of an environmental, tourist and educational project which will be agreed with the Town Hall of Rota and which should materialize in the medium term.

[Img #178615]The territorial delegate indicated that more than half of the La Forestal estate had already been cleared of plant debris and organic debris by mid-morning and that to respect the habitat of the chameleon, the egg-laying season was taken into account as well. Ecologists in Action alerted both administrations. For this reason, technicians from the town hall of Rota and the Ministry of the Environment were already in La Forestal last Friday to observe the situation, establish an action protocol and mark out any areas suitable for the laying of chameleons.

[Img #178622]Today, after the removal of organic and vegetal remains that is in progress, at night, the translocation and prospecting of possible specimens that may be in the area will be carried out to take them to a safer place. It will be tomorrow, with this protected species in a safe place, when the work will intensify with the clearing, the removal of fallen pines and the enhancement of the grove. The Rota City Council, as the territorial delegate said, collaborates with the tanks where all the garbage removed is collected and in this way the two administrations work together to give La Forestal a more appropriate image.

Nuria López thanked the territorial delegate for the predisposition he showed to take this necessary step that the Rota City Council had already demanded, and that she is grateful that it is a reality, confident, as Óscar Curtido accepted, to soon see the progress of the implementation of the environmental, touristic and educational project that has been designed for this unique space and the undeniable possibilities of making the most of it.


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