The Council begins work to increase the capacity of the Iznalloz-Darro motorway, in Granada

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The Ministry of Public Works promotes the improvement of the road with a 2+1 model which will be developed as a preliminary step to its conversion into a two-lane road

The Council begins the drafting of the Iznalloz-Darro motorway projects in Granada

DG / Grenada | September 23, 2022

The Ministry of Public Works, Territorial Articulation and Housing has started developing construction projects to increase the capacity of the Iznalloz-Darro motorway (A-308), in the province of Granada. The projects, divided into two sections to cover the 37-kilometre route, will offer the most suitable formula for facilitating overtaking in complete safety on a road with very heavy truck traffic, especially since it is the detour Recommended for heavy traffic when the section of the A-92 through Puerto de la Mora is cut off due to snow.

The Minister of Public Works, Marifrán Carazo, indicated that the ministry is working on a 2+1 road model “which offers a solution to the road safety problems of the road without giving up its conversion into a motorway”.

Unlike other conventional roads, the 2+1 road platform includes, in addition to lanes and verges, a central separation not intended for vehicle traffic, the function of which is to materialize the separation of directions. This central separation will be achieved by means of a vehicle containment system or double marking on the ground.

More than 431,000 euros will be allocated to the writing of these projects. Vising Innova 2016 will be responsible for 220,813 euros for the first section, which goes from the connection with the A-44 motorway in Iznalloz to kilometer point 19, at the Bogarre terminus.

For its part, the joint venture made up of Atecsur, Roma Ingenieros and AM Ingeniería, Urbanismo, Medio Ambiente y Calidad will be responsible for drafting the construction project for kilometer 19 at the A-92 exit in Darro, which means completing the set of 37 kilometers of the A-308.

The improvement in road capacity dates back more than 20 years, when previous governments announced the conversion of the A-308 between Iznalloz and Darro into a motorway, first as a toll road and later as a through a public-private collaboration model.

Neither formula has borne fruit and, despite the fact that it was even sold for 180 million euros and that the first stone was laid in 2012, ten years ago, this path rapid was never executed to connect the A-44 and the A-92.

The Ministry of Public Works is now betting, almost a decade after this first stone, on improving the A-308 in phases, starting with the 2+1 road model, because the current road situation limits the functionality of this route. for long distance travel.

The road between Iznalloz and Darro has only one lane of 3.5 meters in each direction, except at kilometers 7 and 9, where there is a lane for slow-moving vehicles.

All this despite the fact that 8,000 vehicles circulate there, with a percentage of heavy traffic greater than 10%, since many trucks choose this route east of Granada and Almería, and bound for the center of the peninsula ( Madrid).

This project will also be a continuation of the work carried out in recent months to improve road safety on this highway. At the beginning of the year, the emergency works were completed, with an investment of 1.2 million euros, to repair the serious damage suffered (potholes and cracks) in some sections located between kilometers 4 and 27, in the municipal districts of Iznalloz, Pinar, Morelabor and Huelago. These works also stood out for their high degree of innovation and commitment to sustainability, as sustainable Masai asphalt materials were used.

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