The Council concludes the cleaning works of the Rambla de las Brujas in Motril (Granada)


The Delegate for Agriculture, Fisheries, Water and Rural Development, Celia Santiago, visited one of the actions carried out on the riverbeds of the province of Granada in order to avoid possible overflows in case of torrential rains. Specifically, the action visited was that developed in the Rambla de las Brujas, in the municipality of Motril, in which the removal of vegetation and sediments was carried out, as well as the improvement of the evacuation capacity flow. The investment made was 60,000 euros.

At present, as indicated by the ministry in a statement, the Andalusian government is working to clean up other points such as the Rambla de Albuñol, the Barranco de Ítrabo, in Almuñécar, the Río de la Toba and the Barranco of Los Jarales, in Guajares. In these, tasks of cleaning and elimination of invasive vegetation are carried out, seeking to improve the flow evacuation capacity.

The delegate, who was accompanied by the mayor of Motril, Luisa García Chamorro, highlighted “the important work that has been carried out since 2019 not only with the cleaning of the riverbeds, but also with the reforestation of native species in the area. ., including planting more than 14,000 trees and shrubs.”

Santiago indicated that the investment made by the Council, during the period 2019-2022, for the preparation of the canals for the rainy season was 4.5 million euros, “which we can consider as an investment history. Until now, there has never been such a strong commitment on the part of the Andalusian government in this type of action of which we must be proud, “he said.

In this sense, the forecast of actions for this autumn will lead the Canal Maintenance Service of the Territorial Delegation to intervene in Gualchos, more precisely in the Barranco de Zacatín on the beach of Rijana; in the municipality of Villamena, in the Barranco del Agua de Cónchar and Río Dúrcal; in Lecrín in the Barranco de Chite.

Celia Santiago assured that “prevention in this sense is very important”, which is why from the Government of the Council “we have anticipated this fall, a period of maximum concern for the regional administration because episodes of this type of rain surprise at this time and overnight we cannot act”.

For her part, the mayor of Motril pointed out that the cleaning works that have been undertaken on the Rambla de Brujas “were a claim that we almost always had to beg the Andalusian government to undertake them and we are already seeing that it is a reality Not only that, but from the Motril City Council we have done the same in the urban section of La Rambla, which means that when the rains come we will have a clean river bed.”

In addition, he indicated that habitual passers-by in this area will have noticed that there is a section in which the action has only been to cut the vegetation, “because, due to the proximity we have with the Charca de Suárez, we have animal species in the area, ducks and turtles, and we must be grateful that the cleaning was done respecting and caring for our environment”.

The delegate of Agriculture appreciated the work that has been done in Motril, “thanks to the institutional collaboration”, and stressed that “the autonomous administration must be an ally of the municipalities, we can never be an obstacle. We want to be allies in their development and always be a friendly administration where they can find support and solve their problems,” he concluded.

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