The cycle ‘Almería, land of short films’ presents ten high quality works

The love of cinema has been infused into the exhibition of audiovisual projects Almería, land of short films. Works by directors from Almería that have not been chosen in the official section, but are also worth sharing on the cinema screen. As one participant said, “these are projects made with heart. That’s why you don’t look so much at the technical aspects and yes at the intention of the short film”.

Ten short films were exhibited in the second session of this cycle, held at the Museum of Almería, in addition to the nine of the first, with the help of the councilor for culture of the town hall of Almería, Diego Cruz, the deputy for Culture and Cinema, Almudena Morales, the delegate for Culture, José Vélez, and the director of FICAL, Enrique Iznaola.

The projects presented were momentsby Juan Francisco Ferré; hiddenby Francisco Fernández; This goodbye is not just mineby Marta Vazgo; found pictures, by Daniel Parra; The legend of Henry Weston and his thievesby Oscar Gagliardi; I forgot to liveby Eduardo Hernández; Nightmare 5Gby Victor Diaz; what happened happenedby Juan B. Herranz; Line by Jose Pedraza; Yes Raoul (Matthew)by Antonio Aguilera.

In the presentation, Diego Cruz said that “cinema is part of our lives, and it is an inseparable part of the city of Almería. From the shootings of the sixties and seventies, or the current ones that we recover thanks to the joint work of public administrations and private companies, the Paseo de las Estrellas, the Casa del Cine or the FICAL Festival, cinema is always present among us from the cultural, touristic and economic point of view”.

At the same time, Diego Cruz highlighted how cinema in Almería influences other genres such as music, citing the XXX International Jazz Festival as an example, “with the presence of Kyle Eastwood, son of Clint Eastwood, presenting his project” Cinematic”, based on film music with neat and sophisticated arrangements”.

For his part, Almudena Morales affirms that “the International Film Festival of Almería wants to highlight the cinema made in our land with various activities. This cycle brings together projects by directors from Almería who were not chosen for the official section, but who also have a lot of talent and we really wanted to see them on the big screen”.

A sentence that the deputy continues to develop “the works stand out for their quality, creativity, ingenuity, freshness and originality, and constitute a valuable example of the variety in terms of themes and styles that the filmmakers of Almeria cherish”.

Almudena Morales concludes by noting that “the 10 short films of this session and the 9 screened on the first day demonstrate the enormous quantitative and qualitative leap that the audiovisual industry of Almeria has made in recent years”.

Delegate José Ángel Vélez stressed that “it is a pride to see firsthand how healthy the audiovisual sector is in our province”. José Vélez stressed that “the short films that are going to be exhibited are of extraordinary quality and we have more and more professionals who can dedicate themselves to this profession in Almería, so we must continue to promote education and training in this domain”.

The delegate for Culture added that “it is a privilege that three administrations join hands in a project as important for the province as FICAL is”, and congratulated the Provincial Council for being the one leading this initiative.

Finally, the director of FICAL, Enrique Iznaola, recalled that the 21st Almería International Film Festival (FICAL) has a very dense program, which is why this year it has been decided to carry out some activities, such as this- ci, apart from its official dates, from November 18 to 27, so that all fans can attend the screenings.


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