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This encourages the creation and cultural development of the residents of the province

A new term is open to present works of poetry, narrative or theater that have been created by men and women of a city in the province or the capital, in order to be selected, edited and published by the Library of Manchego authors, according to the Provincial Council.

The call for publications aims to promote the works of our neighbors by disseminating their literary creations and their research or studies on different aspects of the territory. There are three collections for this year: literary Ojo de pez, infantile-juvenile Calypso and the general.

With regard to the first, the texts can be submitted by all natural persons, adults, born in the province of Ciudad Real, residing there or related to it, as well as the parents or representatives of the people who have created texts and died. . The requirements to be part of the BAM shelves are that the publication be unpublished, written in Spanish and have a free theme, presented as a collection of poems, a short novel, a short story or a short story. As for extensions, if poetry is chosen, a minimum of 64 pages and a maximum of 175 must be submitted; for story and drama, the space is 80 to 175 pages.

The Calipso collection is intended for illustrated publications, which will be ordered by publishers according to the literary genre and the characteristics of the text. At the will of the author or the author of the same, they can present them accompanied by illustrations, which will be evaluated by the editors independently of the text, so that the approval of the same does not automatically entail the artwork approval. (In the case of attached illustrations, it is advisable to consult the BAM beforehand). Given the different characteristics of children’s books, a minimum page length is not fixed a priori for the texts presented, leaving their suitability to the discretion of the publisher.

Of these two collections, three copies must be presented with the title, genre, date of writing, full name of the author, NIF, address and telephone numbers on the cover. These copies will be paginated, duly stapled or bound, accompanied by a curriculum vitae specifying whether he has published or written other works, indicating, where applicable, the publisher, the year, the prices, etc., and a brief synopsis or summary of the work. . They will be accompanied by the participation form, which is included in the BOP bases, duly completed. The texts will be presented in DIN-A4 format, computer printed, single-sided and double-spaced, with its corresponding index at the end, if there is one, using Arial 12 font size.

In the case of the general call, anyone can attend regardless of their connection to Ciudad Real, and only one copy with the same characteristics in Spanish as the two previous ones will be presented. The original work must have a minimum length of 100 pages and a maximum of 300, in DIN-A4 format, printed by computer (the presentation of the computer medium is not necessary until approval), on one side in Arial font, size 12, and line spacing 1.5. If notes are inserted, these will go at the end of the text and also in body 12, including only the notes that are strictly necessary and as brief as possible, for a non-academic edition. Within the maximum number of pages, photographic and documentary material of various types can be attached for editing, with their corresponding text captions.

The work will not be of a technical nature, it must refer exclusively to the area of ​​the province of Ciudad Real or its regions. All content will be prepared with a character of scientific dissemination, given that the BAM is aimed at a large number of readers. They will not be published, without prior adaptation, of academic works such as graduation works or doctoral theses. General and provincial subjects will be particularly valued, and only those belonging to humanistic subjects, such as the History, Geography, History, will be selected. of Art, Ethnography and Popular Customs, Cinematography, Biography and Nature.

All works must be delivered or sent by courier to the Provincial Council Registry (Plaza Constitución, 1, 13001, Ciudad Real) or any other official registry, indicating on the outside of the envelope “Call for publications from the Library of Manchego authors 2022 -2023”. The delivery period ends on November 15.

Only one work per person and in a collection will be accepted.

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