The European EducArt project, stemming from Erasmus+, presents its work at an international meeting on Saturday

Emotional stimulation through art was the central theme of the European EducART project, framed in the Erasmus + program, led by Soria, in which two other partner countries (Hungary and Italy) participated with young people between 18 and 30 years old. , and whose conclusions will be presented on December 3 at 5 p.m. at Cines Mercado.

The presentation will show the work of all the participating countries (Spain, Italy and Hungary) and an activity of emotional stimulation will be carried out through music, the discipline in which the Soria team has worked. The participatory process resulted in the production of a CD of seven songs, attributing an emotion to each of them.

Soriano’s work will have a journey in the educational environment, providing the material to centers and other educational organizations that request it, in order to provide them with tools to implement activities of emotional stimulation and reflection through music. At the meeting, a “standard action” will be performed which may be applicable in educational settings.

For almost a year, the Soriano team, made up of 6 young people under the direction of Harmonii Coaching and the Youth Department, has been organizing work meetings at the Espacio Joven La Clave. The sessions consisted of preparing, creating, rehearsing, recording, mixing and mastering songs, as well as planning activities.

In addition to the presentation of the CD, the works of the teams from Hungary and Italy will be screened, related respectively to video art (“Facelook”) and social theater (“Alma in Wonderland”), with the emotional education as common thread.



Project proposed by the Soria town hall to the call for grants related to youth exchanges, framed in the Erasmus + program, KEY ACTION 2 (Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices).

KA227 – Associations for creativity

Project coordinated by the Harmonii association, which has extensive experience in this field.

Participants: 19 participants from 3 countries

Cooperation project between 3 countries to show the potential of art as an educational vehicle for the education and personal and emotional development of young people in these times of change in which we find ourselves.

Young people today need the ability to understand, adapt and create sustainable solutions for their future more than ever. For this, they need emotional intelligence, empathy and sensitivity. The development of emotional education is a basic skill when it comes to giving them the tools to function in the world, to adapt to changes and to be able to afford the well-being that everyone needs.

For this new scenario caused by COVID-19, the talents, experiences and collaboration of all groups are needed more than ever in a global sense of inclusion, it is about promoting all the good that everyone must bring to be able move forward together as a society. Thus, inclusion and diversity are the axes of this project in a transversal way.




Continuation of the international line of work of the City of Soria – International meetings within the framework of the Erasmus + program:

• Structured Dialogue 2017 “TRANSFORMING YOUR CITY”, (proposals to improve the historic center of the city)

• MUSIC-ALL Exchange 2018 (inclusion and gender equality through music)

• 2018 FILMTIZENS training (citizen values ​​and social participation through cinema/video)

• 2019 IMPROVEMENT (emotional education through music and improvisation)

OBJECTIVE: development of innovative educational methodologies through art and creativity to improve the social and professional skills of young people.


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