the gods of work

*Note: This is one of those “Any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental” articles, because if you are [email protected] might be embarrassed by what’s being said here… or not, because if you’re [email protected] competent should not be taken for [email protected]

Civil servants, these supreme beings, have just obtained a salary increase of almost ten percent to be applied in a few years.

Decades ago in my country when miners started asking just to keep their jobs, they were ignored until they were driven off the roads… well, we have to admit they ended up getting, on the basis of years and hard work, early retirement, which in many cases is as if they had won the lottery.

-Study-, they told me, -Otherwise, you will Pennsylvania sheet-. And I studied, but there are those who at my age (44) have already begun to live happily… and I left, if things don’t get worse and if I get there, until at 67 years old.

And I find myself with this sequence full of uncertainties, as happens to a good part of the workers of this country; and with a salary that gives, at the moment, not to have a bad time but not to party a lot either.

Civil servants complained a bit a few days ago and that’s it, the state was not going to stop: agreement on a good increase, to add to some salaries which are already above those of the majority of ordinary mortals.

It goes up to them, who are surely the least needy people in Spain, and it is not for nothing but like a bump when the only thing that goes up for us is what costs us everything.

I look at it from a self-employment perspective, that we’re the plebs when it comes to working…and some of us aren’t even here to climb the ladder because everyone has their skills and we many of us do not see ourselves in jobs sanctioned by competition; For example, in healthcare, if I see blood, it will automatically pass from worker to patient; and safe, I am a cagueta; Well, when I say civil servant, I mainly mean what we usually think of when we think of a civil servant: in the office… but hey, I don’t see myself there either.

The thing is, if you do that, you pass an exam and it’s going to be tough, okay, but it’s already a well-paid job for life and, if you mess around, a well-paid job for life. .. as if past gave you the right to eternal rest.

Because that’s what I was getting at: the absence of real control mechanisms for civil servants. In reality, not just for civil servants, but for other public officials, even if they are not permanent… some of whom, by the way, are those who are hand-picked by politicians, and some of whom do not know not even what they are looking for.

In a private company either you work or you get fired (sometimes too easily, or even work well, that’s the problem on this side) but the civil servant is, in practice, untouchable.

The civil servant has all the rights of the world of work: all public holidays, salary increase, extended holidays, days of free disposal, own business, additional days for three years, …. Options (without hitches) to reductions in working time, holidays, etc.

I’m not continuing because I burst into tears, by comparison.

Luckily, at least the independents are healthy…they say. I guess you already know the joke about someone who meets a genie with a magic lamp and makes a wish: -Never get sick-, he asks; and genius made him self-sufficient.

The bad thing is that it’s just a joke; the self employed of course also get sick, but if we have indigestion we have to bother and work with it, instead of taking a week off…or what used to be (hope this n is no longer the case), go to the “sign” and come home and go again…

If the official in question hasn’t even had a chance to try out what the “real” professional life is like, or if the official is simply a pretentious person, he is already looking at you and phrases from his altar of privilege.. .and shut up because they are indeed in a strong position.

I know of cases of absolutely irresponsible, lazy,… even dangerous civil servants, if they occupy positions where our health or the economy depends on it. Civil servants who don’t work but who are always there… that the most that happens to them is that they change jobs; but usually not even that, and there they bother the citizen with poor service… and bother other competent civil servant colleagues, but what do they think – Am I going to start arguing and quarrel with so and so? – Really it should be done by some superior (if he is not so incompetent), not a colleague, but it is that among the officials or the superiors they do nothing because, I suppose, they will think: -Let’s see, he’s a bad worker but he’s a civil servant, so in practice he can’t be fired. Is it worth saying something? I will only make the work environment worse. Moreover, do I have tangible proof of their incompetence? – Which of course is necessary because, remember, we are talking about jobs in which the duties may not be fulfilled, but the rights and even more than that are all guaranteed. It therefore remains to be done.

And in the end, sometimes the incompetent official is not only him (or her, of course), but also infects other people who may come to think – Why am I making an effort here, if I’m going to collect the same thing as that who doesn’t even know what he’s really doing… because he comes home later, leaves earlier, multiplies the minutes of coffee, walks around, makes photocopies, looks at his laptop, etc…-

Here you go, I’m not continuing because I don’t want it to feel like we have something against the officials in itselfWell, I even have a family in this Olympus of work; and I actually think that The issue, of course, is not that civil servants are well paid or have the peace of mind of a truly permanent job; what is wrong is the precariousness of the rest of the workers… but I come to affirm that we need real control mechanisms for incompetent civil servants: so that they stop creating dysfunctionswho harm their peers and all citizens.

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