The Government of Santafesino will propose patchwork works for the routes in the 19 departments

The administration of Omar Perotti, through the Ministry of Infrastructure, Public Services and Housing, and the Provincial Directorate of Roads (DPV), will open envelopes with offers for the execution of seven groups of potholes which will cover all the departments of the province territory.

With a total investment of $2,696,738,313.36, these are seven public tenders in which works are ordered, grouping by region the corridors which, according to inspections carried out by the General Directorate of Works, require major and superficial maintenance work.

In this regard, the Minister of Infrastructure, Public Services and Housing, Silvina FranaUnderline: “There is a firm decision by Governor Omar Perotti to strengthen and expand road infrastructure throughout the province, to reduce inequalities and to reach places with the State where the economic equation does not close, to generate roots and improve production and employment conditions”.

“Today from the government we are developing a historic investment throughout the province, with major works in each department”Frank assured.


Regarding the work to be tendered, the general administrator of the DPV, Oscar Ceschy, pointed out that “It is essential for the maintenance of our roads to have these types of works in place in order to improve road safety in every region of the province. Tenemos obras de señalización horizontal y vertical en toda la provincia, con una inversion que llega a los $ 750 million para poder actuar donde se van generando los inconvenients, y estos grupos de bacheo son con el mismo objetivo, improving the conditions for cada pueblo y town”.

Between the works, the reconstruction, patching or repair of the structural set will have taken place, taking advantage of the existing materials and adding the necessary ones. In detail, the work includes three types of tasks: the sanitation of the foundation soil in 50 centimeters of thickness for the potholes; recycling at 35 centimeters depth, where cement and stone will be incorporated; and surface patching, where deteriorated material is removed and the surface is restored to a depth of 5 centimeters with hot asphalt concrete.


The opening of the tender envelopes will take place on Monday, November 7, beginning at 10 a.m. at the Provincial Highways Administration Building, Bulevar Muttis 880 in the city of Santa Fe.

The offers are distributed as follows:

> Call for tenders n° 35/2022, Groupe Bacheo 1: departments of July 9 and San Cristóbal. Official budget: $355,613,843.52. Kilometers: 330.

> Call for tenders n° 36/2022, Bacheo 2 Group: Vera, General Obligado and San Javier departments. Official budget: $355,613,843.52. Kilometers: 400.

> Call for tenders n° 37/2022, Groupe Bacheo 3: departments of San Justo, Garay and La Capitale. Official budget: $355,613,843.52. Kilometers: 285.

> Call for tenders n° 38/2022, Bacheo 4 Group: Departments of Las Colonias and Castellanos. Official budget: $444,517,304.40. Kilometers: 275.

> Call for tenders no. 39/2022, Bacheo 5 group: departments of San Martín, San Jerónimo and Belgrano. Official budget: $355,613,843.52. Kilometers: 275.

> Call for tenders n° 40/2022, Bacheo 6 Group: Departments of Rosario, San Lorenzo, Iriondo and Caseros. Official budget: $444,517,304.40. Kilometers: 250.

> Public tender no. 41/2022, Bacheo 7 group: General López and Constitución departments. Official budget: $385,248,330.48. Kilometers: 240.

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