The government will prevent by decree the incorporation of more beneficiaries into the Empower Work program

The government of Alberto Fernandez made the political decision prohibit by decree the entry of new beneficiaries into social programs such as Boost work. The victims of the titulars also cannot be replaced by others. The measure will be made official with the signature of the president and has already circulated through the ministries of social development, in charge of Victoria Tolosa Paz and the Work portfolio, whose owner is Kelly Olmo.

The resolution also establishes that the “savings” to be achieved can only be used for the purchase of machines and the tools that Social Development offers to worker cooperatives or individual businesses.

The Boost work This is the second largest program of the Department of Social Development. According to official figures, there are currently a few 1,300,000 beneficiariesof which 400,000 could be freed after the ongoing audits.

The decree, which has not yet been published in the Official Journal, will be subject to demonstration speak left-wing social movements that in the last demonstrations and camps they lost due to a greater quantity of food. They also demanded the “universalization” of plans such as Enhance, which for four hours of work awards $28,950; it is half of the living and mobile minimum wage.

The draft text, to which he subscribed Infobae states: “It is a priority of the national government to promote work in its various forms and access to social security rights by the most economically and socially vulnerable social sectors. That, in particular, Law No. 27.345 aims to promote and defend, throughout the national territory, the rights of workers who work in the popular economy with a view to guaranteeing them access to decent housing, adequate food, education, clothing, medical coverage, transport and leisure, vacation and pension protection, among other rights, based on the guarantees granted to “work in its various forms”.

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It also points out: “By Article 14 bis and in the mandate to seek ‘economic progress in social justice’ established in Article 75, paragraph 19, both of the National Constitution. That the aforementioned law establishes, in its article 7, that “the national social programs in progress will be articulated with the intervention of the COUNCIL OF POPULAR ECONOMY AND SOCIAL SALAIRE (CEPSSC), favoring its progressive transformation into a Complementary Social Salary” to strengthen the work of the Popular Economy.

At its heart, the resolution states: “The policy of the national government understands that covering the needs of vulnerable sectors with the necessary incentives to formalize labor relations is a mechanism for overcoming said vulnerability. That the limitation of the incorporation of beneficiaries to the NATIONAL PROGRAM OF SOCIO-PRODUCTIVE INCLUSION AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT “POTENCIAR TRABAJO” is established, with the aim of fostering the development of their professional qualifications and hiring them in registered jobs.

We must stop being the ministry of povertybe that of social development,” said Toulouse Peace and stressed that today the priority and importance is to “provide the tools for the development of skills and knowledge of the economically active population and in particular of young people so that the country develops and generates greater wealth and greater inclusion”.

Victoria Tolosa Paz, Minister of Social Development
Victoria Tolosa Paz, Minister of Social Development

Regarding the new horizon of the portfolio he commands, which is to reorient the social plans of the Empower Work program in the world of formal and registered employment, he underlined in dialogue with El Despape Web: “Inflation has made havoc and influenced the income of many households”; For this reason, he felt that the national government has an obligation to reach the indigent sectors and that the 45,000 peso indigency bonus “must be closer to the last”, he said.

Sources from the national government assured this media that “the decree that will be announced in the next few hours concerns the promotion of instruments for the institutionalization and development of the popular economy, the promotion of registered formal employment and access to social security”. rights for the most economically and socially vulnerable social sectors”.

It is a decree worked and discussed with part of the social organizations made up of UTEP and other social movements in Argentina”, warned Tolosa Paz, who stressed: “We must ensure that the transfer of resources from those who leave Empower work is invested in capital goods for the population. economically active.

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