The graffiti museum recognizes the work of Colombian Ledania

By Alfonso Rodríguez |

Miami, September 19 (EFE) .- The Miami Graffiti Museum hosts a personal exhibition by the Colombian Ledania, who 15 years ago began painting on the walls of her hometown of Bogotá and is today a reference in the urban art with works spread across 22 countries and even a collaboration with Disney.

“Having this exhibition means that I enter a dream, because after 15 years of work, having this space in the first graffiti museum that existed in the world makes me realize that my work is recognized,” said Diana Ordóñez, known as the name of Ledania, in an interview this Monday with Efe.

The 35-year-old artist, one of the representatives of the street art or urban art scene, claims that the “private spaces” (private spaces), as the exhibition of the museum of the graffiti, is not “linear” but an “experience”, because “there is an installation and sound”.

Urban graphic designer Diana Ordoñez, known as LEDANIA, retouches one of her works at the Graffiti Museum in the Wynwood district of Miami (Florida, USA). EFE/Cristobal Herrera

The exhibition opens this Thursday and the artist from Bogotá is still working on the murals.

“All the installations of my work are painted, since the aerosol is the raw material with which I create, it is the base material. It’s a game between the aerosol and the place where it’s applied”, emphasizes the artist trained in the streets of Bogotá, who recognizes that international experience has conditioned her style.

Every three months, the museum opens a new exhibition of urban art.

Art without sincerity does not transcend

“In recent years, I have lived in cultures far removed from Latin America. I had the opportunity to be in Asia, differences that gave me a lot of different tools,” he explained of his style and what you can see in the exposure.

Regarding what is the key for her to have managed to stand out among so many artists of the genre, the Colombian assured that she believed it was important not to compare herself to other creators. Simply, he says, “do what comes out of my being.”

Finally, honesty. I have the impression that in art, if there is no sincerity, you do not achieve anything,” he said.

Detail of the right hand of urban graphic designer LEDANIA, retouching one of her works, at the Graffiti Museum in Miami (Florida, USA). EFE/Cristobal Herrera

The graffiti museum emphasizes on its website that “Ledania’s work celebrates color and nature in settings populated by imaginary creatures in an improvised place, between magic and mystic”.

According to the presentation, Ledania’s art combines a classical education – she holds a master’s degree in visual and plastic arts from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá – with the experience of years dedicated to graffiti in the streets.

But not everything is urban art, Ledania is a multimedia artist, with works in photography, graphic design, advertising, artistic make-up and decorative elements such as clothing and accessories.

The artist, whose name comes from the union of Léda, seduced by Zeus in Greek mythology, and her first name, Diana, continues to exhibit throughout the world in places such as the Curitiba Biennale in Brazil , Art Expo Malaysia and the Artscape Festival. in Sweden.

Change of scenery in Asia

“My art refers not only to Bogotá, but also to Tokyo and Singapore, to name only the two cities where I stayed during the pandemic”, he underlines about the influences of his works scattered on the walls of cities around the world and now brings Miami.

“But despite this, my school was the streets of Bogotá painting graffiti,” says Ledania, an artist who is part of the LGBT community, which she tries to help with her social commitment.

“My style is strange, because although it is abstract, it involves many figurations and I feel that the characters who do not have a gender are very characteristic”, explains Ledania, who admits to escaping any standard strict social “which separates the masculine from the feminine”. .

The prestige acquired over the years led him to collaborate with Disney on the film “Encanto”, where he participated in the design of costumes and a 22-story wall.

LEDANIA poses for Efe, in front of one of her works, at the Graffiti Museum, in Miami (Florida, USA). EFE/Cristobal Herrera

The Colombian has also been claimed by the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) for work in a stadium in Germany, tasks which, he points out, “are outside the norm of the artist but which although they seem commercial, it actually allows me to paint what I like.

Allison Freidin, one of the founders of the Miami Graffiti Museum, told Efe that having Ledania, whose exhibition can be visited until November 18, is important because she is one of the few women who stand out in gender and because it is traditionally withdrawn. art center graffiti.

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