The Height Intervention Group carried out 48 interventions in 2021 in…

The Intervention Group at Height of Navarre (GIAN), dependent on the Department of Rural Development and Environment, has published the data of its activity in 2021, coinciding with the 8 Days of Work at Height in Natural Environment, which will be celebrated in Bertiz until this Friday.

The group, made up of six people, carried out a total of 48 interventions in nests, the marking of hens or the rescue of wildlife, 22 more than in 2020, in addition to placing 390 nesting boxes for birds and bats in order to prevent pests biologically.

Among the most outstanding actions are the rescue of three vultures that fell into a sinkhole in Larra or the recovery of the body of a deer inside a natural well. Similarly, 14 Egyptian vulture chicks were tagged, in collaboration with the Bardenas Reales Board; 15 vultures, also in collaboration with the aforementioned entity; and descended into three bearded vulture nests to investigate the causes of their reproductive failure, in addition to collaborating in Aragon in a similar intervention. Two nests of the latter species were also fixed, the provincial government explained.

If the GIAN was born mainly to carry out certain work in the nests (finding of breakdowns, banding, etc.), subsequently its activity expanded, covering areas as diverse as collaboration in the regulation of climbing, the control of the degree of occupation of nests for certain species or the aforementioned placement and revision of nesting boxes for birds and bats with biological control objectives against certain pests.


So far this year, and among other actions, 3 nests have been built for Bonelli’s eagle and 11 Egyptian vulture chicks and 4 golden eagle chicks have been tagged in Bardenas, in collaboration with the Bardenas Reales Board. Five red kite chicks were also tagged.

Regarding interventions aimed at favoring the bearded vulture population in Navarre, in 2022 3 chicks were marked, one nest was repaired and 4 nests were lowered to collect the remains and investigate the cause of the failure of the reproduction. As a curiosity, we could mention that a couple of bearded vultures entered to breed in a nest made by the GIAN in 2017.

All this work is carried out with the directives of the Biodiversity Conservation Service and the Forestry and Hunting Service.

In addition, the GIAN collaborates in international actions, the last of which took place last September, by participating in Ecuador in the training of specialists at height to work on the conservation of the harpy eagle.

At state level, working at height groups are integrated into different groups such as Guarderío de Medio Ambiente, Forest Agents or Environmental Agents. Its function is to perform certain tasks that, due to their location on walls, trees or even buildings, require the participation of trained and specialized personnel to work at height.

In Navarre, the GIAN began to take its first steps in 2012, with the completion by 4 members of the B/GMA of the 3 levels of training necessary to carry out this work. Currently, this group is composed of 6 members; 4 of them are in the Central Demarcation, the only Nursery Demarcation that works in all of Navarre and which houses the GIAN and the GEA (Group of Aquatic Ecosystems), while the other two members work in the regional demarcations and distribute their working hours between its delimitation and work at height.


From this Wednesday to Friday, the RUIG participates in Bertiz in the 8 Days of Work at Height in a Natural Environment in the company of 50 representatives of ten other autonomous communities and the participation of the Ministry of Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

The conference aims to share the work done last year and receive training on specific topics such as bat conservation actions, regulation of sports activities in rocky areas, installation of cameras in nests of Bonelli’s eagles or the less known rocky fauna.

The Conference continues this Thursday morning and afternoon. Tomorrow, Friday, will be the last session during which the conclusions of these three days of work will be discussed and presented.


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