The Hydrographic Confederation denies Arroyomolinos full approval for the project to start work on the Arroyada stream

The city council of Arroyomolinos received this week a letter from the Tajo Hydrographic Confederation, which demolishes the ambitious project to start work on the Arroyada stream, the Consistory reported this Thursday in a statement.

As they explain, the City Council had been working in recent months to resolve as soon as possible the situation produced in the plots of Álamo and Alameda streets affected by the flooding of the Arroyada stream almost a year ago.

“In this sense, and despite being the smallest Administration with fewer powers, the Consistory is working against the clock and only the final approval of the CHT remained, an approval that would allow the protection works to begin as soon as possible. slopes in the Arroyada stream, thus responding to the demands of the inhabitants,” he pointed out.

However, as explained by the Environmental Councilor, Luis Quiroga, during the plenary session of the City Council held today, Thursday, the surprise was that the long-awaited approval of the CHT “does not reached us only partially, authorizing five of the eight sections we had proposed”.

“It’s a terrible setback since on the one hand, it enormously delays the start of the work, since it forces us to redo the project. And on the other hand, if the work is not carried out in full, it may mean that the houses lower down suffer the consequences,” said Quiroga.

Likewise, the mayor indicated that “from the first minute, the city council has been at the side of the neighbors, carrying out the appropriate procedures and tasks, and assuming responsibilities far beyond our powers to guarantee security and provide solution to this situation”.

On the other hand, Quiroga underlined “the important economic expense that this represents for the coffers of the Consistory, although it is not our competitor”. “The impossibility of acting as quickly as we would like, since the CHT has repeatedly delayed the deadlines, requested more and more documentation, to now find itself with this which greatly delays the start of certain works that the ‘we could have started already for months,’ he added.

The city council assures that they had “everything ready” to be able to proceed with the construction tender and start the work as soon as possible. “But they don’t make it easy for us. On the one hand, the CHT tells us that it’s an urgent action and, on the other, it takes a year to let us act. They don’t even specify themselves and at the end the consequences of their inaction are our neighbours.” , point.


In November 2021, heavy rains caused the Arroyada stream to flood, affecting some of the adjacent plots, located in Álamo and Alameda streets.

Then, the government team of the Arroyomolinos City Council held meetings with the neighbors, “conveying their concern about this problem, explaining firsthand the measures being developed to deal with this situation as soon as possible “.

Among other initiatives, the City Council recalled that it has acted in the last two years in the maintenance and cleaning of the canal, within the scope of its competences.

Likewise, and after the aforementioned rains, the local government held various emergency meetings in order to demand their involvement from the rest of the competent administrations: Canal de Isabel II (The community of Madrid) and the Hydrographic Confederation of the Tagus (Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge).

On the other hand, last March, the support document for the hydrological and hydraulic calculations of the Arroyo de la Arroyada was presented to the CHT, a technical work of great precision and complexity that was carried out in record time. .

Already in May, and in accordance with the requirements of the CHT, the City Council presented the project “Protection of the slope of the Arroyada stream when passing through the back of Álamo and Alameda streets in Arroyomolinos”, together with various studies and documentation.

Last August, the CHT sent a proposal for conditional approval to which the Presbytery responded the next day. Already in September, a few days ago, the Confederation had published a letter in which it granted the Consistory partial authorization (five of the 8 sections), “which amounts to redoing the project and dividing it into two phases, and delays submission deadlines and start of work”.


The project proposed by the Arroyomolinos defines the technical solution of the works and works to be carried out, as well as the economic quantification of the costs derived from the material execution of the same.

Likewise, hydrological and hydraulic calculations as well as stability, geotechnical, topographical, waste management and health and safety studies are added, along with various plans and documentation.

Thus, the work that the Consistory is going to undertake is divided into two types of action: in a first phase, the channel will be cleaned and the breakwater protected in order to prevent the slopes from advancing and endangering the households on the left bank, and the path on the right bank.

The second action will consist of a stabilization treatment of the upper parts of the slope, where the farms bordering the river bed are located, by nailing the soil or nailing the soil.

Through these actions, the Town Hall intends to stabilize and permanently protect the slope of the stream against future climatic agents, thus avoiding its deterioration and the possible danger of landslides in the adjoining plots.

“From the first moment, the Arroyomolinos City Council has ensured and will continue to ensure the interest and safety of all residents. For us, it is a priority to find a solution to this problem, and that is why we assume the responsibilities of the rest of the competent Administrations”, they conclude.


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