The ILC will build in Lancia without first carrying out an archaeological study

The ILC will erect three buildings in Lancia without first carrying out an archaeological study

deputy for culturePablo Lopez Presa and the archaeologist of the Leonese Institute of Culture, Jesus Celisintervened in the hall of the ILC region to publicize the latest discoveries obtained at Lancia during the excavations carried out in the last 3 years in the main nucleus of the Roman city and which will continue when the work of the Archaeological Interpretation Center begins.

The study area occupies about 400 square meters and different archaeological techniques have been carried out there such as ground and building georadar, the magnetometer or the excavations themselves. This is an area of ​​the deposit that was cut off by the land consolidation carried out in the 1970s. The ILC began with this type of campaign in 1996 and to date there have been 25 interventions including 5 in the last 3 years.

Jesús Celis, described the works as excavations and techniques carried out for the first time by companies and professionals specialized in archeology, from different universities in the country. In the area where the forum of the site would be located, documentation was made from level 0 which reached the remains of walls “very devastated and very precarious” but they provide information on what the forum would be like, located in the high imperial period. The areas marked by the georadar and what was found in the excavations coincide and the assumptions made they mark what could be basilicas, galleries, double porticoes, curiae or temples. A pediment was also discovered which “must have been a decorative element in a fundamental part of the space”.

during the excavations they were found coins of different stages, figures from the SII or III BC. AD, ceramic pieces which could have been used in some type of rite at the beginning of the colony, as well as remains of materials with disparate origins. Also worked on a circular cavity in which the remains of what appears to be a burnt building have been deposited. Valuable information was obtained from him thanks to the remains of cereal grains, adobes, coal, charred bones and decorative bronze pieces.
Pablo López Presa, pointed out that the excavation works of the forum have been concentrated on 20%, so that, in the following years, “continue the excavations of the forum”, for which it is expected that “there will be better preserved parts in areas where there is greater accumulation of land”. It has also had an impact on the dissemination effort they are carrying out on the Lancia site and all the pieces saved will be destined for the Museum of León once documented.

A) Yes, work carried out at LanciaJesús Celis indicated that it was “a city of pilgrimage in origin but which grew little by little with a flourishing stage and a decline in the 3rd century, a rebound in the 4th century, and which practically disappeared completely in the 5th century, when León had walls and was more protected, at the time of the fall of the Roman Empire.”For León, all this is very important as an element of identity, since it has its origins in Lancia” , he concluded.

About the Archaeological Interpretation Center which will be built in the area, the MP pointed out that “a ground penetrating radar has been adopted and 43 square meters have been excavated and when the work begins, the footprint they occupy will be completely excavated”, he also stated that ” the construction itself will be an opportunity to know a large part of the area of ​​the deposit since 850 square meters will be excavated”. For his part, Jesús Celis indicated that “an attempt has been made to place areas which, a priori, the ground penetrating radar did not mark any important elements. The project is in the tender phase and is around 3 million euros, the deadline for submission has also been extended to December 12.


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