The ‘impossible job’ or the resurrected Bayern, the most likely destinations for the ‘desired’ Tuchel

09/28/2022 at 4:48 PM


On Betfair, the most uptrend is seeing Tuchel sign for Bayern if Nagelsmann is fired. The English team, the latest rumor.

In England, coaching is known as “the impossible job” because of the pressure the coach is under. And so it is with Southgate.

One of the toughest jobs in world football seems to be coaching England, earning him the nickname ‘the impossible job’ in the English press. Since 1966, the year of the only World Cup won by the English, the pressure on this position is enormous and the drought of titles for the inventors of football begins to weigh. In the midst of this context, a World Cup is looming and the difficulty Gareth Southgate is having in keeping his bench at Wembley. At the same time, a coach like Thomas Tuchel is free and is, surely, the most hidden coach without a bench at the moment, courtesy of Mauricio Pochettino. A cocktail from which was born the latest rumor linking the ‘Pross’ to one of the most ‘desired’ technicians of the old continent.

According to Betfair predictions, the battle for the German coach has begun. Tuchel has just been fired from Chelsea and many analysts consider that this dismissal was more for personal reasons than sporting ones. The Blues’ new directive has sacked the former Dortmund coach with just a month left in the competition and it coincides that Tuchel sounds strong not only for England but also for giants like Bayern and even Juventus Turin or Real Madrid .

Tuchel coaching England reaches an implied probability of 9.1%. Several elements suggest that the English federation can bet on the German. The first, for his knowledge of English football after making Chelsea European champions in just a few months in office when he arrived in January 2021. The second, for his return to the formula of the foreign coach as it happened is produced with Sven-Göran Eriksson or Fabio Capello who is perhaps an alternative to the classic English coach.

Without Potter, the great candidate is gone

In addition, one of the technicians who had made the most noise for the English bench is Graham Potter, the new manager of Chelsea. Still, time can play tricks on England if they want Tuchel after the World Cup. Bayern are in crisis and Nagelsmann’s position is starting to come into question for the first time since taking charge. The Bad start of the Bavarians has generated a major crisis in the Allianz and according to Betfair predictions, Bayern will be the next team of Tuchel reaches an implied probability of 20%, being the most valued option.

salary reduction

The intention of the German coach is to lower the salary he had at Chelsea. He would continue to earn between eight and nine million euros after the 15/16 million euros he earned in the English team, all to return to an important bench in Germany after his spell at PSG and the Premier League. League. His legacy in his country is highly respected and the demand to win a Champions League is starting to weigh on Nagelsmann on the Bavarian bench.

Real Madrid and Juventus

Other clubs that have Thomas Tuchel in their sights, although with a less likely tendency than England or Bayern, are Juventus Turin, after Massimiliano Allegri’s weak start to the season at the start of the season, and the Real Madrid due to Florentino Pérez. plan A in the event of the departure of Carlo Ancelotti, or which results in information close to the white club. According to Betfair predictions, Juve being Tuchel’s next destination reaches an implied probability of 12.5% ​​while Madrid reaches 8%.


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