The infallible trick to fight against drowsiness at work

Sometimes, fulfilling our professional obligations can become a real torture. And not only because of the presence of bosses demanding reports and balance sheets with great insistence. After going to bed late the night before or having slept little, it is most normal for sleep to finally overcome us at some point during the day.

As much as we look at the clock, it seems like the minutes don’t tick away and the day at the office can last forever. Mid-morning we may start yawning, but This is also very common after a meal. We would give part of our salary to take a nap for a few minutes and thus be able to concentrate the rest of the afternoon with more energy, but this is not always possible.

Surely you’ve been to a party on more than one occasion and the next day you got up early. As is logical, this ends up being counterproductive because the body does not tolerate so much time without rest. But the situation gets worse when we perform an activity that requires a lot of concentration.

The reasons why you are sleepy at work

Sleep at work can enter us for many reasons. It is not necessary to be out at night so that later fatigue gnaws at us during the working day. It can also be motivated by the absence of healthy habits.

In fact, it is advisable to always go to bed at the same time and try to sleep at the same times every day. It is important that our body adapts to this and is not conditioned by the constant changes.

Avoid heavy and spicy foods as much as possible, as well as alcohol.

Why should I have a light dinner?

Dinner should be as light as possible, especially so that our digestive system works more comfortably. Although we go to rest, the body continues to function, hence It is recommended to opt for healthy and light meals. Salads or tortillas can be a good option.

If possible, try to eat dinner as early as possible, so that we go to bed with our digestion done. It is inconvenient to finish eating and go to bed.

The nap option always triumphs

There’s nothing more Spanish than a siesta. If we find that the hours of sleep are not enough at night, it wouldn’t hurt to take a nap as long as our professional commitments allow it.

Of course, like everything in life, moderation is in order. When we talk about a nap, we mean a short nap, about 20 or 30 minutes maximum. In the event that we overdo it, it is very likely that later in the night it will be much more difficult for us to fall asleep and we will spend several hours tossing and turning without being able to sleep.

go out to clear customs

There are more and more full-time jobs, which require being at the base of the canyon for nearly eight hours non-stop. Staying for so long locked in an office, in front of a computer and with a high level of concentration also tires you a lot and causes a loss of energy.

From time to time, it is recommended to go out and get some fresh air. We therefore guarantee get the right dose of vitamin D and we can clear our minds. Also, in this way we will be able to be more productive in our position and we will not be carried away by sleep.

Do something other than go to work

It is clear that because of the employment situation, we give ourselves body and soul to work. We try to deliver the best possible performance and please the patrons. But in life, not everything is limited to work. Must also develop other activities beyond professional activities.

It would never hurt to exercise, to enroll in activities that distract us, such as learning languages ​​or painting, or to have an intense social life with people outside the company. Each of these options will allow us to relax and disconnect our minds.

It is likely that if we are somewhat disorganized at work, we suffer much more from lack of sleep. Whenever possible, try to schedule your tasks very early and you can even act with a little forethought and leave them scheduled the night before. In this way we will avoid wasting time when we arrive at the office and do not know where to start.

Other tips to not be overcome by sleep

There are many ways to beat sleep. If the previous recommendations have not convinced you, you still have the option of resorting to traditional methods. There are many workers who, as soon as they arrive at their post, prepare a coffee or take it from the machine. And they can stay like that all morning to avoid the fatigue they bring home. For those who don’t like coffee they also have the option of choosing tea or infusions.

It is important that the body remains well hydrated so as not to lose energy and regain strength. There are people who also opt for cola due to its high caffeine content. This is another solution, although they also cannot be considered the healthiest due to the high amount of sugar they usually contain.


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