The International Prize for the History of Olivar receives 320 works

The fifth edition of the International Prize for the History of Olives, Olive Oil and Oleotourism, convened by Ferias Jaén and organized by the Másquecuentos Cultural Association (MQC), has beaten the participation figures. This year, 320 stories were received, well above the 243 recorded during the third edition of this competition.

The projection made this year by this competition does not stop at the number of participating authors, but also extends to their origin. Writers from 14 countries, from all the Spanish autonomous communities except La Rioja, and from 43 provinces of Spain have decided to dedicate their talent to creating short stories or micro-stories that have always revolved around the cultivation of the olive grove.

As MQC points out, the high number of participants and the diversity of their geographical origin “confirm the enormous impact and dimension that this literary competition has reached in just five editions, the only one in the world in the genre of short stories dedicated to olive oil world”.

Precisely, this trajectory has been recognized by the Spanish Association of Municipalities of the Olive Tree (AEMO) with the awarding of its Prize for the Diffusion of Olive Cultivation 2020 and also by the Agustín Seres Foundation for its work of promotion of the olive grove.

More than fifty of the participating writers this year come from abroad. Specifically, in this edition, the authors come from 14 countries: Spain, Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Ecuador, Principality of Andorra, Mexico, United Kingdom, Venezuela, Peru, Nicaragua, Paraguay and Puerto Rico, which shows “the international projection of this award, in addition to the fact that the rich and varied world that surrounds the olive grove goes far beyond the geographical limits of the Mediterranean”.

Likewise, the contest reached most of the Spanish territory, given that authors from 16 autonomous communities and 43 provinces presented themselves.

Once the deadline for submitting works to this competition, endowed with more than 3,000 euros divided into eight prizes, has passed on September 30, the popular vote has already begun which will allow Internet users to award the two public prizes, the first endowed with 500 euros and the second at 250.

This vote, which will last until November 5, will take place on the website and in addition to awarding these two prizes, it will allow the ten most voted stories to access the final along with thirty-15 others stories. short stories and 15 other micro-stories– which the MQC reading committee is already selecting from all participants.

The jury for this prize, chaired by the writer Salvador Compán, will have to choose throughout the month of November among these 40 stories the two best in the categories called this year: the short story – endowed with 1,000 and 500 euros – – and , for the first time, the news –400 euros for the winner and 200 for the second–.

In addition, this year a special prize will be awarded to the story that best promotes one of the multiple positive benefits of EVOO (300 euros), a story that will be the starting point for recording a short footage; and recognition will also be given by RTVA to the best story written by an author born or residing in Andalusia.

To these prizes will be added the pleasure of a tourist experience in the province of Jaén for the winners of each category and the bottles of AOVE Puerta de Las Villas that all the winners will receive. The awards from the public and the jury will be compatible, ie the same story may obtain a distinction in both categories.

This contest counts, among others, with the sponsorship of the Unicaja Jaén Foundation and the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Jaén and the Spanish Association of Olive Municipalities (AEMO) and RTVA.

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