The invisible work of women

It’s a drawing of a woman doing housework. | Source: The Spirit is Wonderful

Domestic workers will have the option of receiving unemployment benefits if they are made redundant from their jobs. This totally precarious work sector and composed mainly of women will be able to collect their unemployment contribution. The government, moreover, recognizes and eliminates the figure of “free dismissal”.

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Although we can speak today of a “victory” around women; we cannot forget how much it was fought to achieve a right worthy What protect everyone these workers


For centuries it was considered that natural place of wife in society it was the private sphere, or at home. It was believed that they should stay out of public affairs because their responsibilities were to take care of their family and to be a wife or housewife. However, it has recently been discovered that women have an incredibly valuable role within society.

For decades, women demanded the same opportunities in all sectors, just like men. Their aim was to show that they had the same capacity than men to perform many tasks. This was one of the main reasons why women’s liberation called for equal access to work. It also focused on political, social and economic power.

A woman as a domestic worker
A woman doing housework | Source: The Review

The unknown profession

The work considered to be done by women at home they were ignored around the world as a real job. In addition, not to be recognized by those who hold economically superior positions. Until recently, the “Housewives“They were spending time and unpaid activities at home and at someone else’s house. Currently, it is still a work not recognized by the global society. Domestic work has been invisible, intentionally forgotten and unacknowledged.

Domestic work and working in other people’s homes have become the most demanded jobs for women due to the financial crisis in our country. But the problem is not only the great demand of millions of Spanish women who spend their days from house to house cleaning and caring for the elderly. The big problem it’s in conditions what they need to do to be successful with their family. And to all this, add that it was never considered a job, as if it came from a hobby it was.

Breakthrough in Spain

According to a study by International Labor Organization recognizes Spain as the fifth country in the entire European Union with the highest percentage of women who are unemployed and not registered with social security due to care and domestic tasks. This is reaffirmed by more than 25% of inactive women in Spain, compared to an average of 19% in the EU.

Research shows that 8 out of 10 domestic workers do not have a contract and are not registered with social security, which poses a danger to their health.

Until a few days ago, Spain excluded at unemployed domestic workers and also, authorized the dismissal without causeamong many other things concerning the rest of the employees and work sectors.

A kind of parliament or meeting space for the most important laws
The parliament. | Source: Pixabay

The recognition of right to unemployment for all government-approved domestic workers was a big step forward for many groups of workers who have spent many decades fighting the legislation. A law taken seriously after European justice concluded that the Spanish work system was highly discriminatory.

East Decree Law past by the Council of Ministers approves unemployment benefits for domestic workers, who will start contributing from 1 October. This law will affect more than 373,121 domestic workers registered with Social Security.

A very important decision that the second vice-president and Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, considered a “great triumph of feminism”. A great social advance within a community with a lot of inequalities.

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