The Jerez Press Association announces the XI Juan Andrés García National Journalism Competition

The Jerez Press Association organizes, with the collaboration of the Provincial Council of Cadiz, a new edition of the Juan Andrés García National Journalism Competition, an award that celebrates its eleventh edition with the aim of promoting quality journalism and the dignity of our profession, through the memory of a colleague of the professional stature of Juan Andrés García, whose name the award bears. This competition is presented on similar bases to those of previous editions, with a cash prize of 2,500 euros plus trophyand with the aim of consolidating the growing participation received in previous editions.

The participation period will be open until December 1 of 2022. Works must have been published in any medium nationally, between October 30, 2021 and October 30, 2022.

The President of the Press Association of Jerez, Roxana Saezemphasizes “the importance of a consolidated award to which high-level journalists from all over Spain are presented, and whose sole objective is to do good journalism in difficult times when there are those who favor clicks over quality, proven and serious journalism. We reward those who put values ​​before content marketing”.

Of course, the president is proud that the association continues with the organization of a journalism award that bears the name of a colleague, Juan Andrés García, “respected and loved by the whole group, and who has been referent of struggle and vocation”. Juan Andrés García Rincón (Jerez, 1964-2009), baptized by those who knew him as campaign voice, he told, from the microphones of Canal Sur Radio, and from the program he presented, ‘La hora de Jerez’, the latest news with the typical enthusiasm of someone who deeply loves his city. With the announcement of this prize, the association wishes honor and remember his figureand keep in mind this optimistic and combative spirit that he bequeathed to us and which is so necessary in times like those that the profession is going through.

Contest rules:

  1. The XI National Prize for Journalism Juan Andrés García will be awarded to the best journalistic work, individual or team, published in any medium of communication in the Spanish geography.
  2. The works presented must be original, published in all media, admitting all modalities (newspapers, digital media, radio or television), from October 30, 2021 to October 30, 2022.
  3. Reports, articles, columns, interviews, documentaries and opinion pieces written by journalists can be submitted for this award. It will be the authors themselves or any accredited journalist who will send the works to the competition. In the case of collective works, they must be sent accompanied by a document signed by all the co-authors. The APJ is exonerated from the responsibility of authorship in cases where, even if there is a common project (camera-editor or photojournalist-editor), only one of them presents the work.
  4. Works can be submitted from today, October 21, until 2:00 p.m. on December 1, 2022, by email to [email protected], specifying in the subject ‘Juan Andrés García Prize’ + name of the author. They must also meet the following requirements:
    1. Press: The published work will be presented in pdf, accompanied by a document including the name of the author or authors, the date, the page and the medium in which it was published.
    2. Radio: The work will be presented in digital format, accompanied by a certificate from the director mentioning the date, place and broadcast program.
    3. Television: The work will be presented in digital format, accompanied by a certificate from the media director who certifies the date and the broadcast program.
    4. Internet: The APJ reserves the right to request a certificate of accommodation on the Internet.
  5. All works submitted to the competition must be accompanied by:
    1. -Document with the name of the author/authors, DNI, e-mail and contact telephone number.
    2. – Brief personal CV of its author(s).
    3. All the documentation provided must be sent in the same e-mail to facilitate the correct reception of it.
  6. Each author may submit only one work to this edition of the competition.
  7. Members of the current executive of the Press Association of Jerez cannot compete for this prize.
  8. The XI Juan Andrés García National Journalism Prize is endowed with an economic endowment of 2,500 euros, in addition to a commemorative trophy. The price could be declared desert. The jury reserves the right to reward another work that deserves it for its quality with a second prize.
  9. The jury will be chaired by the President of the Press Association of Jerez and composed of representatives of the communication sector and of cultural and social life appointed by the Board of Directors of the APJ. The jury’s decision will be final.
  10. The prize will be awarded at the place and on the date designated by the APJ.
  11. Any work that does not comply with the aforementioned bases will be automatically rejected.

Winners of previous editions:

  • Year 2011: ‘The longest climb in history’, presented by David Gallardo. The jury also decided unanimously to award a second prize to the report presented by Cala d’Arantxa Yes Juan Carlos Bull with the title ‘Jondo heritage’.
  • Year 2012: ‘Holy bowels’, presented by arancha cove Yes Juan Carlos Bull. The jury also decided unanimously to award a second prize to the documentary ‘7,134 meters. Touch the sky’, presented by Manuel Montero Yes Jose Melero.
  • Year 2013: ‘The happiest year of my life’, presented by Arthur Czech. The jury also decided unanimously to award second prize to the audiovisual ‘Jerez in Timelapse’, presented by Manuel Montero.
  • Year 2014: ‘Flamenyco’, presented by Javier Benitez.
  • Year 2015: ‘The Lost Boys of Aleppo’, presented by Antonio Pampliega. The jury also decided unanimously to award a second prize to the report ‘Coroná de flores’ by Cofrademanía.
  • Year 2016: ‘Pabellonistes’, presented by Peter Ingelmo. The jury also decided unanimously to award second prize to the report “El Ángel de la Frontera”, by Jesus Blasco Avellaneda.
  • Year 2017: Special Brexit program broadcast from the Campo de Gibraltar during the month of May on Ondaluz, presented by the journalist Ana Huguet. The jury also decided unanimously to award a second prize to the investigation report of Violet Serrano, “The Paneros. Holm oaks gave birth to corpses”, published in the digital magazine FronteraD.
  • Year 2018: Sonia Moreno with his book “3,000 euros per migrant and sex with her: 3 days infiltrated in the Tangier mafia”, published in El Español and second prize of the Paul Romero with the investigative report “The three deaths of my father”, broadcast every Thursday through a podcast of five audio chapters.
  • Year 2019: Francois Mendez for his report, broadcast on Radio Canal Sur, under the title: “Nacho y los invisibles”.
  • year 2020: Maria Jose Carmona for his piece ‘Los poetas rudos’ published in the digital magazine, Altair Magazine and second prize for Jesus Canas for his work “The narco-economy takes root in southern Spain”, published in the newspaper El País.


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