The job offer for technological jobs represents 23% in Spain

Digital transformation has accelerated the need to integrate tech talent into businesses across all types of industries. Indeed, according to the most recent data presented by the Workers’ Commissions (CCOO), the job offer for tech positions in Spain represents 22.7%. However, the organization also points out that the demand for this type of work has fallen by 12.9% and that the ICT sector has seen an outflow of up to 100,000 professionals since 2008. These are professionals who have found better opportunities in European countries such as Germany, France, England or Ireland, where salaries are often double or triple those offered in Spain. Along the same lines, the Association of Digital Technology Companies states that Spain currently has more than 120,000 vacancies in technology. In addition, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), 47% of companies looking for profiles with technological skills have had difficulty filling these vacancies.

“In Spain, digital talents find employment opportunities outside the country. To reverse this situation, it is essential that the business fabric recognizes the value that professionals bring Technology offering them a competitive work environment in the international setting, the possibility of remote or hybrid working and an appropriate career development plan,” says Gary Mullan, CEO of Prosperity Digital, a leading HR company in talent attraction. digital. In the same vein, the expert points out that “great changes are coming in the context of European work and Spain cannot afford a digital talent drain”.

the best opportunities

Technology professionals do not have great difficulty entering the job market. However, they consider that working conditions in Spain can be improved. “In recent years, temporary contracts and low wages have been offered compared to offers from other countries, which helps national talent to be picked up by the European market,” warns Gary Mullan. So, The brain drain is closely linked to the working conditions of professionals Technology.

On the other hand, salaries also come into play and how they vary depending on the country in which the worker is located. The latest salary data, presented by ILOSTAT, shows that, despite the fact that the salaries of tech profiles in Spain are higher than those of many other profiles, they remain low compared to those in other countries. In 2020, an ICT worker earned an average of €2,810 in Spain, while in Germany they earned €5,793 and in the UK €4,825. “Retribution is a trigger for job seekers and in Spain there is a need to make employers aware that investing in digital talent is worth it,” says the CEO of Prosperity Digital.

Promote training

The race to digitize all kinds of sectors is pressing and, for this reason, it is essential to think about the integration of future generations into the labor market. In this sense, it is of vital importance that educational institutions encourage andl Develop the digital skills of the professionals of tomorrow in order to reduce the shortage of profiles. Gary Mullan, CEO of Prosperity, comments that “the consolidation of digitization will generate many jobs that only qualified professionals will be able to access and, for this reason, it is essential that at the training stage, students acquire the skills necessary to work in a digital environment.

To deal with this situation, there are currently plans for the development of digitization in the field of education both at European level (Digital Education Action Plan 2021-2027) cas at the state level (Educate in Digital program, which started last year 2020-2021). In this way, public administrations recognize the importance of investing resources to transform educational institutions. “There are more requests from candidates than training offers related to professions such as programming, robotics or UX/UI, professions which will completely mark the future of employment and which require a structure and a renewed teaching team” emphasizes Gary Mullan.


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