The Juana de Vega Foundation rewards two landscape improvement projects in Santiago

The Juana de Vega Foundation presented this Wednesday its Interventions na Paisaxe Award, in the external interventions category. The objective of this prize, of which second prize they were carried two initiatives of Santiago de Compostelais to recognize interventions that contribute to improving the quality of the landscape.

The entity specifies that it has taken into account aspects such as the quality of the intervention and its contribution to the improvement of the landscape, as well as the integration of sustainability criteria, the adequacy of the intervention to the uses planned or the saving of materials. The president of the Juana de Vega Foundation, Enrique Sáez; the director of the Escola Galega da Paisaxe of the Juana de Vega Foundation, Pedro Calaza; and the architect Covadonga Carrasco, member of the jury, were present at the award ceremony.

A desert prize and two second prizes

The jury said desert the Juana de Vega Prize for landscape interventions, considering that none of the projects presented fully met the established requirements and conditions. Two performances in Santiago de Compostela, however, won second prizes: the Cornes residential complex and the central space of the Cidade da Cultura complex, named Xardín do Teatro in reference to the building planned for this area.

The work of Santos Vila González, Urbanization around Peto de Ánimas de Piñeiroalso received a mention from the jury, which highlighted the sensitivity in the design and finishes when it comes to recovering a symbolic element such as the Petos de Ánimas, as well as the efficient use of construction materials.

Residential Horns

The project Cornes: Development of public squares and community spaces for the residential complex won a second prize for being a performance that can become a model inspired for other similar areas where interstitial spaces between buildings need to be treated. The jury highlighted the use of vegetation and the selection of plant species that configure the spaces at different levels, offering “a chromatic perception of textures and volumes”.

ORZA Paisaxismo Director Carmela Moral received the award and acknowledged that it was a challenge and an opportunity to integrate this residential complex next to a nine-lane ring road and the Sar river. Moral highlighted the link with nature as key, taking advantage of the existing vegetation, at the same time trying to “couple” it with the building itself.

theater garden

The second prize for Theater Garden, Monte Gaias It was awarded to Alberto Redondo Porto, José Valladares Durán and Marcial Rodríguez Rodríguez. The jury pointed out that the work correctly resolves the difference in level of the space with the environment and enhances an empty space in the center of the complex which can also be seen from different positions.

Alberto Redondo presented this project as a very important challenge that they feel satisfied to have achieved. turn the empty hole into a green garden although it is carved into the rock. The proposal aimed to harmonize the space by following the scheme of the buildings of the complex and integrating a central auditorium, a pool, a skate park, a parkour area or promenades.

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