The Junta de Andalucía makes the port of Seville a hub for the promotion of renewable energies

The President of the Port Authority of Seville (APS), Rafael Carmona, received the Minister of Industrial Policy and Energy, Jorge Paradela, and the Deputy Minister, Ana María Vielba, during their first institutional visit to port facilities.

The Minister stressed that Seville “is much more than a port, it is a large container of industrial activity and a relevant core for the promotion of renewable energies and therefore of the energy transition”. Thus, he mentioned some “projects of absolute relevance” that the port area of ​​​​Seville houses, such as the manufacture of wind towers, cable-stayed bridges or companies dedicated to the production of green hydrogen.

Paradela showed the Andalusian government’s support for the Port of Seville, “a unique space due to its location, its intermodality and the activities it undertakes”, so that the projects that want to be implemented here “have a procedure nimble administration”.

For his part, the president of the Port Authority of Seville stressed that “in the Port of Seville we are developing an industry that generates jobs and is also committed to renewable energies”.

In this sense, Carmona reported what are the future developments planned for the region that favor the use of renewable energies. On the one hand, Solaner Dos, “a Sevillian company of the Alener group that promotes a photovoltaic plant to produce green hydrogen” and, on the other, “the Ignis group, which has asked to develop an ammonia plant green from renewable hydrogen”.

During the visit, the APS president transferred to the adviser the need to promote greater energy power in the region to serve the companies operating there, since “it is a powerful industrial pole for the region”.

The rector of the University of Seville, Miguel Ángel Castro, also participated in today’s event, highlighting the close collaboration with the Port Authority and industrial companies in projects such as the University Center of Port of Seville Innovation and Technology Entrepreneurship Program .

Wind farm in Seville

One of the milestones of the visit was the visit to the facilities of the GRI towers of Seville. There, the factory officials briefed the president of the port facility and the adviser on the manufacturing process of the offshore wind towers and the manufacturing volume this year. They made from the supports of the polygon 6 offshore towers transported by sea to Finland and 26 towers destined for the North Sea.

As for the next works, it is planned to continue the production of 80 more towers which will mean about 30 shiploads to the North of Europe.

Gri Towers Sevilla has been installed in the Port of Seville since 2016. Among its objectives, the company is committed to the continuous improvement of the industrial fabric of the Port of Seville in order to improve the competitiveness in the market of all members of the value chain, continue to create jobs and contribute to the creation of green and sustainable energy.

The port of Seville is a strategic framework for the cargo project. In 2022, 30 ships with large structures have moved and it is expected to close the year with 37 merchant ships.

In addition, the Port Authority of Seville has prioritized investment in infrastructure to promote the industry and this type of traffic. In concrete terms, the Institution has invested 3.7 million euros in work to enlarge and improve the Quai de l’Armement to facilitate the storage and movement of large metal structures. The second phase of this work was completed in May.

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