The Labor Inspectorate corrects the safety study of the rehabilitation of the Palau

VALENCE. The rehabilitation project Palace of Music received this summer a pat on the hand from the Labor inspection. Yesterday, the municipal group of the People’s Party revealed this in a press release. According to the working document, a visit to the works was carried out on July 11 to verify both the measures adopted in the works and the required documentation.

The Inspectorate then poses several buts to the safety and health study, which is approved with the drafting of the rehabilitation project with a series of indicative measures, as explained by the City Council to this newspaper. In this case, the document points to three important shortcomings: first, the study is generic and ends up including some measures that are not applicable to the case of Palau and others that are necessary are not reflected; on the other hand, the location of jobs with particular risks is not indicated; and finally, the document does not reflect the parts of the building that will need maintenance, and therefore, they need specific security measures for this work.

In short, the working document describes the breaches as “serious” and threatens a fine of “2,451 to 49,180 euros” if they are not corrected. PP spokesman Maria Jose Catala, said the works “come late and now we know they are wrong too”. And he adds: “They took three years to start work that should solve the collapse of the ceiling of one of the rooms. And all this time they could not prepare the health and safety plan for the work, because now the labor inspectorate warns of significant and serious shortcomings.

For its part, the Town Hall defends itself: “The health and safety study serves as a basis, together with the project, for the construction company to establish the Safety Plan, which is what establishes all the measures that have been taken into account. .to ensure the safety of all personnel during the works. There was no type of evaluation of said security plan and there was no need to correct it in any way”. Therefore, “the security plan that governs the security measures in the works of Palau has not been the subject of any requirement and, therefore, there has been no risk for the execution of the works or for the people”.

Official sources claim that the PP “has the need to create alarmism out of nowhere and its deep ignorance of the documents that contemplate the security measures of such an important job as Palau.” However, they also admit to questions from this newspaper that the document referred to above had to be corrected, that Labor’s assessments had been taken into account and that the changes had already been made.

Europe finances 3 million euros for the works

On the other hand, the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda decided yesterday, on a provisional basis, aid for the rehabilitation of public buildings financed by European funds, which grants aid of up to three million euros to buildings “whose acceptance of the works, without observations or objections, takes place no later than September 30, 2024”. The City Council presented up to five candidacies, and the Palau de la Música was the one of the most appreciated projects, receiving the maximum possible.

Three million euros which, on the other hand, will make it possible to mitigate the additional cost estimated at 958,000 euros to include “the renovation of the glazing of the hall and the metal profiles where they are fixed, as well as the installation of photovoltaic panels to improve public energy efficiency. A modification of the project of the original work that was approved by the city council in September and that they send the final budget up to 11.4 million euros7.5% more.

The inclusion of new works clearly shows that the works are progressing at a good pace and that it is expected, even with these modifications, to arrive in time for Palau to be able, at the latest, to open the 2023-2024 season at residence .


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