The labor inspectorate recognizes the illegal assignment of 14 cameramen to À Punt

VALENCE. In Punt started the week upside down by day. If on Monday the Anti-fraud questioned the hiring of the head of meteorology and requested a timetable for the definitive provision of the positions reflected in the RPT of À Punt covered on a temporary basis, this Tuesday came the final resolution of the labor inspectorate which gives reason to the works council in the claim for alleged illegal assignment of workers in the program To the adventureduring the 2021/2022 season.

The origin of the complaint lies in the program’s rehearsals, before its premiere, when À Punt hired cameramen through the supply company. virtual lemon. According to the working document to which this newspaper had access, “in the exercise of their functions, they were under the orders of the personnel of the SAMC. [Sociedad Anónima de Medios de Comunicación], who is also the one who provided them with the necessary equipment to carry out their tasks and set the work schedules. Moreover, “these workers limited themselves to focusing with the cameras that the SAMC made available to them on the parts of the set that the SAMC employees indicated to them, and later it was the SAMC workers who edited and broadcast the images. “.

This, added to the fact that “on a regular basis, the work of cameraman is carried out by the entity’s own personnel (as happened in previous seasons of this program when it was only broadcast one day a week) or this figure has even been eliminated and replaced by robots managed directly by SAMC staff”, leads the Labor Inspectorate to conclude that the cameramen did not act autonomously and independently, and did not even bring their own equipment.

The inspection understands that In Punt exceeded the conditions of hiring up to 14 workers and self-employed (since they were not at all), and that, in fact, this could not even be understood as a sub-contracting, due to the relationship of the rest of the program flowchart with public broadcasting.

For this reason, Labor informed Punt to “register these ex officio employees as employees by the SAMC, and issue a certificate of settlement due to lack of contribution”, so now the entity must pay the difference between the amount they received and what they should have received, according to the collective company agreement, and they also owe Social Security the respective variation in their contributions.

The investigation was the latest spearhead that caused the program to be canceled

Virtual Lemon workers weren’t just hired to To the adventure, which was during the final season the only daily program of its own production beyond television news. The company won a tender that the CVMC (Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació) published in April 2021 for the “Technical service for external support and audiovisual support at the CPP of Burjassot”. According to the information report, the execution of said contract would cover from July 2021 to July 2022, and with “audiovisual technical assistance service”, they actually refer to the hiring of six people, not the rental of any technological equipment. It was awarded for a value of 196,930.72 euros.

The Works Council’s complaint was made public to the Valencian Broadcasting Commission in Les Corts and, in his response, Alfred Costa admitted that the lack of a human technical team is the channel’s great handicap and that ” they would take advantage of the affair to reflect” on the possible consequences of this and the real possibilities of À Punt to assume its own programming.

In fact, this is one of the reasons that precipitated the cancellation of the format, which was one of the main bets of this season of À Punt, thus causing a dance of names throughout the television and radio.

to questions from place of cultureTo Punt states that officially they have not yet received the aforementioned documentation, so they have chosen not to make statements evaluating the report and its possible consequences.


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