The Labor Inspectorate shares its first management plan with European entities that pursue safe, equal work with rights – Basque Government


October 18, 2022

Bilbao hosted today a conference on the “Labour Inspection Management Plan 2022-2024 in the European context”

The Labor Inspectorate shared today in Bilbao with representatives of European entities and organizations the 2022-2024 Management Plan, an instrument with which it seeks to guarantee safe and equal work and rights for all workers.

Organized by the Department of Labor and Employment, the Historical Archive of the Biscayan capital hosted a working session in which the Basque Labor Inspection Management Plan 2022-24 in the European context was discussed and during which representatives of organizations such as the European Labor Authority, or the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work took part.

The inauguration was carried out by the Deputy Minister of Labor and Social Security, Elena Pérez Barredo, who presented the details of the first management plan presented last spring to the Basque Parliament. This is an innovative document that details the resources needed to strengthen the Labor Inspectorate of the Basque Country with the aim of guaranteeing safe and equal work and rights for all workers.

After pointing out that it is an instrument that is part of the Spanish and European objectives in this matter, Pérez Barredo recalled that the Inspectorate is a public service to ensure that companies comply with labor regulations and act, when this does not occur, with requirements and, where appropriate, sanctions. Although it depends on the Department of Labor and Employment, the Inspectorate is functionally governed by its own internal structure with criteria of impartiality and reserve of action. With the Department, the priorities on which to focus its action are marked, but it does not intervene in the opening or management of files. In addition, its priorities are established on the basis of the management plan, in the monitoring of which the social agents participate on the basis of the proposal made by the vice-lehendakari Idoia Mendia and agreed at the social dialogue table.

The Deputy Minister explained that the management plan has two major challenges. The first of these is to support Basque companies and workers in the transformation of the labor market. This support translates into the fight against job insecurity, the deterioration of the quality of employment and temporary work, as well as the exercise of greater control over foreign and Community workers who provide services in the Basque Country. Similarly, the Labor Inspectorate has an important role in terms of monitoring and promoting equal opportunities in access to employment and in the fight against discrimination at work, both for reasons of gender and of disability.

The second of the major challenges to be met is that of promoting the organizational development of the Inspectorate before the new jurisdictional scenario. For this, the plan proposes an approach to its users, making known the work it does and its benefits, as well as the importance of inspection work.

European entities

Javier Suquía, Labor and Social Security Inspector and National Liaison Officer of Spain with the European Labor Authority (ELA) also participated in the conference; and Manuel Velázquez, also an inspector and head of the Special Coordination Unit for the fight against fraud in transnational labor of the OEITSS (National Labor Inspection and Social Security Agency). Both spoke about the European Labor Authority and its main lines of action and coordination with the Transnational Work Unit of the OEITSS.

After them, it was the turn of Robertas Lukasevicius, Head of the Concerted and Joint Labor Inspections Sector of the ELA, who spoke about the performance of this entity in terms of labor inspection, as well as the main campaigns launched. Another of the speakers was Lothar Lieck, member of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work, who highlighted the priority areas of action of this entity, as well as its relations with the Inspection . The day ended with the presentation of the details of the Basque plan by the Deputy Director of Inspection, Iciar González Carrasco.

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