The last section of Calle Palos will be ready after Christmas

The Palos Street Redevelopment He is facing his home stretch these days. The last phase began on Tuesday, in the section bounded by the corner with Calle Arcipreste Manuel González García and Plaza Quintero Báez, and the concreting started yesterday of the central platform at the same time as the paving towards La Palmera was raised. If there are no setbacks these days, the work will end the second week of January for minimal business disruption to school and to the auto shop on this section of the street.

The address of Santa Maria de Gracia School of the Augustinian Mothers, met yesterday, precisely, the persons in charge of Town Planning, who expressed their commitment so that the work of this section can be carried out as quickly as possible during Christmas holidays.

the school period resumes Monday, January 9 week in which, in any case, he is convinced that the unique platform that involves the redevelopment of the street has been completed. In case you don’t arrive on time for this back-to-school day, from the town hall will communicate several days in advance so that the movement of students and parents is properly regulated, with all the guarantees of safety.

Likewise, the mechanical workshop supervisors that there is on the same sidewalk, next to the educational center, they have also agreed with the municipal rectors the execution of this section during almost three weeks of the current Christmas period. A sign on its facade indicates the closure between December 27 and January 15 for staff holidays, which were made to coincide with the performance in this last phase of Calle Palos.

Progress had already been made during the summer on the work in this same section, when they took advantage of the summer holidays to increase metal frame and improve supply rush on the public road, parallel to the new paving on the only platform of the street.

This summer advance, also agreed in its time with the Colegio de las Agustinas, underline municipal sources, now makes it possible to undertake the redevelopment of the last section more quickly and that can be completed in three weeks to the La Copa bar, to cause as little damage as possible. Town planning insisted on safety first neighbours, shopkeepers and pedestrians, at the same time as traffic cuts are essential during the execution of the works, after which traffic was again authorized on the sections already paved.

Abbreviated durations of more than six months

The Company based in Huelva TR Construya It is in charge of the works for the redevelopment of the entire axis from Calle Palos to Padre Marchena and Calle San Salvador, whose preliminary works began last April, after Holy Week. The expected completion time was 18 months, but it is going to be significantly reduced, as it is assumed that it will be ready during the first quarter of the year, probably in February.

The investment of the City Council of Huelva is €1.5 million, fully covered by municipal equity, from the positive cash balance.

The same construction company, with proven experience in this type of redevelopment work, is also undertaking the pedestrianization of the Plus Ultra street environment, that it has also been speeded up these weeks so as not to interfere with the smooth running of the Holy Week processions, when they pass through the official race from La Placeta to La Concepcion and a first slice of Mendez Nunez.

He will also be responsible for carrying out the redevelopment of all surroundings of San Pedro, from La Fuente Street, which begins in Quintero Báez Square. This whole crossroads in La Palmera will also be reformed to adapt to the different actions that are facing these months on the roads that join it. In fact also Puerto Street will be improved, although it remains the backbone of traffic in the city centre, which is why the entire platform of the square is awaiting redevelopment.


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